I purposely went to bed last night and slept in the nude … I woke up grabbed a cup of coffee from the kitchen and sat down at my computer in the buff … I ran the vacuum cleaner, dusted and did a load of laundry with no clothes on … I took my morning shower (duh … in the nude) and I wondered why I felt so funny! I really needed to at least put on a pair of underwear! I guess NATIONAL NUDE DAY isn’t one of my favorite holidays! Now I love seeing other people in the nude and I’m ok with parading around in my skivvy’s. I just feel a bit awkward having my junk bounce around every time I walk down the hallway!

National Nude Day started in the 1970’s somewhere in New Zealand. Nudists want people to experience complete freedom and they thought clothing hindered that feeling. Many people send nude photos to each other today, spend the better part of the day naked and even participate in 5K runs that happen around the country!

This morning on one of the talk shows this quote was said, ”Today is National Nude Day but if you ask me No Nudes is good Nudes”!!! I guess it’s different for everybody. That said I’m excited about this evening as I will be celebrating National Nude Day by going to an all nude adult nightclub and watching the beautiful ladies until the wee hours of the morning! Yes they will be naked … Happy Holiday !!

PS … Today is also National Tape Measure Day, Grand Marnier Day and (here’s my favorite) National Macaroni and Cheese Day! So you can be in the nude, measure your … whatever (6½“ if anybody cares), get drunk on Grand Marnier and pig out on Mac & Cheese … yeah baby that sounds perfect!!