NightMoves is a monthly publication based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. The magazine was started in 1986 and has never missed a deadline in over 35 years. NightMoves is distributed throughout Central Florida in dance clubs, video stores, lingerie shops and numerous non-adult businesses (tattoo parlors, smoke shops, etc)

NightMoves is owned and operated by Publisher Paul Allen and Editor Tracy Allen. Tom Peak is the Assistant Editor/Sales Manager, Andrew Rock and Lenny Mumbles and Christopher Blue do sales, distribution, editorial and take photographs. Art Koch is the National Features Editor, Moutasem Seyam, Sam Singh, Miles Long and Tanya & Pam are contributing columnists.

NightMoves has hosted The Annual Adult Entertainment Awards since 1993. The show recognizes the top Central Florida adult businesses, clubs, managers, DJ’s and dancers as well as national actors, films and movie studios. Many major stars received their first ever award from NightMoves. The NightMoves Awards are the oldest consecutively running adult awards show in the country. It is the original “fan based” show and the first to use internet voting.

NightMoves mailing address is P.O. Box 492, Palm Harbor, FL 34682. The telephone number is 813-814-1505 and you can contact Paul Allen via e-mail at

NightMoves is a nationally trademarked name.



I’m a complex guy who loves life! I’ve been in the publishing business for the past 35+ years starting with a sports magazine called Sports South. That evolved into NightMoves and overnight I went from being a sports jock into “Little Paulie Hefner”! NightMoves is the oldest localized adult publication in the USA and our annual awards show is the oldest consecutively running show in the world … damn, I guess that means I’m an official old fart!

I’ve never lost my “sport roots” as I bowl in a league every week and just stopped playing competitive softball a few years ago. I golf once a week and I love team sports. I’m a fantasy/stat league junkie and yes I place an occasional wager! I’ve coached youth hockey & soccer teams and at one time I had a stable of 22 thoroughbred race horses. I’ve hosted sports television & radio programs and there’s not much that happens in the sporting world that I don’t watch!

NightMoves is much more than just my job. I have fought for First Amendment rights and supported the adult industry on both a local and national level for years. You can always find me in local clubs doing positive stories on dancers, managers and the industry itself.

I have been in two adult movies and was actually nominated for “Best Actor in a Non-Sex Role” for the Wicked Pictures movie “Whack Job”. It’s exciting watching the industry evolve as the internet has been a giant force changing the way business is done. I hope to grow with it and make the changes that combine NightMoves (the magazine) with (the website/Facebook/Twitter).

I love my family, I love my life and I love my job! Thank you for taking the time to read this bio and thanks for reading NightMoves!


I have been with NightMoves Magazine since 1995.  My main job is doing the graphics for the ads that you see in print and here on the website. It’s amazing what people ask me to do! I have become a magician altering clothing, backgrounds and even people! Advertisers expect me to take bad photos with terrible lighting and turn them into masterpieces. Putting square pegs in round holes is an everyday occurrence! I’ve seen the industry morph into what it is today. The business is ever-changing and the technology is amazing! Yes, it makes my job very challenging but if it was easy anybody could do it!

I’ve interviewed some of the top Porn Stars in the country and have seen it all! I like to emcee local NightMoves club events and I love doing our Calendar Pageants and Awards Show.

I try to eat healthy and cook healthy but I’m not perfect. I swear more than a lady should, I can be a crazy and enjoy my wine and Fireball shots! I love really bad Science Fiction and my favorite channel is the Syfy channel.


I have worked at NightMoves Magazine since 2001 years have been assistant editor for the past ten years. I moved to Tampa Bay from New York City and people still say I have that New York attitude! I’m not quite sure what that means, but I’m ok with it! It’s true I love my New York Ranger hockey team but I am very pro-Tampa Bay!

Being with the magazine for that period of time, I’ve seen hundreds of people come and go …. dancers, managers, door girls, DJ’s and owners. The faces and bodies change but the business keeps going on. No matter what the economy is like, no matter who is elected President, no matter how many laws and ordinances cities want to pass … the adult community here in Tampa Bay has stayed strong.

Print advertising is still an effective way to promote your business and I let the facts talk for themselves. NightMoves still prints approximately 15,000 magazines every month and 99% of them are picked up every, single month by customers. People love looking at photos and reading stories about local people right here in Tampa Bay. Mix that in with the fact our Awards Show brings in the top names in the adult industry every year and you see why NightMoves magazine works!

Now that we have added a strong website, we are handling club’s Facebook pages and sending out multiple Tweets, I have a renewed sense of excitement. Please give me a call if you need somebody to work hard for you and your company!


About 30 years ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to get involved writing stories for a local sports magazine. Being an ex-baseball player and at one time owning a sports card business, the answer was a very easy yes! That friend was Paul Allen and I have been by his side for the entire NightMoves adventure!

Together we have wrote stories for the sports mag, an auto racing magazine, a flea market publication, a karaoke magazine, a night club magazine, a health magazine, a country music publication and a motorcycle magazine (to name a few). They were all exciting and fun but nothing compares to NightMoves.

Today, I am a feature writer and reviewer of adult movies for NightMoves. Our reputation is known throughout the adult industry and our Awards Show is praised by all. I am proud of what we do and proud to be a part of the NightMoves organization. I have met hundreds of people through the magazine that have affected both my business and personal life. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m excited about our future!

Make sure you check out my movie reviews on our “sister website” www.AllAdultNetwork.TV.


I have the best life in the world! I get to hang out in adult clubs, talk to managers, DJ’s and owners and flirt with all the dancers! I have been with NightMoves since 2005 and I love what I do. As much fun as I have, it’s not easy taking photos and doing stories on clubs, video stores and beautiful women.

I have to make sure my information is perfect, I have to make sure everything I say is correct and I have to put as much detail as possible in a limited amount of space! No matter how hard I try, it seems I will never be able to take the “perfect photo”. I will snap shots of a girl and the photo will be fantastic but … the girl will think she’s fat, or doesn’t like the way her butt looks, or wants me to shoot her “good side” … it’s always something! One of these days I will get it right !! LOL !!!

I love sports, I love to eat and my family is very important to me. I moved to Tampa Bay from New York and try to visit there as often as possible. Please make sure you say hello if you see me in one of our area’s great adult clubs!


I’ve been part of the NightMoves crew for the past 10 years. You’ve probably seen me with a camera in my hand as I don’t go many places without it! In the past few years, I’ve shot hundreds of girls on stage in multiple clubs. I’ve also covered motorcycle events, car shows and a wedding or two!

I help distribute NightMoves magazines every month in Hillsborough County and do most of the photo work in our recap stories and “Around Town” articles. I love to travel and I enjoy being a part of the NightMoves team!


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