We live in the greatest county in the world but what the hell is going on? Today’s “politically correct” society is crazy. The latest comes from Roseanne Barr who has always been a bit loopy. She made a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett (a lady who 99% of America never knew existed) who was a top aide to President Obama. Barr tweeted, “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby = VJ”. Because of that insensitive tweet, ABC canceled her top rated television show. Roseanne cost herself and her co-stars millions of dollars and once again proved what a “loose cannon” she is.

TV Ratings today are hard to come by especially when you look at the competition television programs have from cable, satellite, DVD rentals and online programs. The “Roseanne” show was one of the top rated shows on the network with an average of 23-million viewers and it took a lot for the network to pull the plug. FYI … ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey (who made the decision to cancel the program) is a black female. Hmmmm, I wonder if that played a role in the network’s decision?

WTF is going on in Chicago? Forget New York, Detroit or Los Angeles … Chicago is now “Murder Capital” of the USA. 36 people were shot over Memorial Day Weekend (including seven fatally) and the city was pleased! It seems Chi-Town had 44 shot (and six dead) over the weekend last year and in 2016 the city reported 61 shooting victims and seven murders. So far in 2018 Chicago has had 191 murders compared with 237 at the same point last year. Sorry … I’m not visiting the Windy City any time soon!

In the past 16 years the state of Louisiana has been struck by six hurricanes … areas of San Diego, CA have been devastated by three vicious wildfires … and a town in eastern-Kentucky was pummeled by nine storms severe enough to warrant federal assistance. The good news is 90% of total losses across the USA occurred in zip codes that contain less than 20% of the population. Between hurricanes, floods, mudslides, wildfires, tornadoes and blizzards almost every state has had some type of natural disaster. As bad as some of these have been, it could be a lot worse. Only 4% of all hurricanes hit the United States yet they cause 60% of the worldwide damage. The only states not to report a natural disaster in the past 16 years are Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Maine.