During the past year due to the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic, people w ere locked down, out of work, time on their hands, no income and stressed out. One of the ways they passed time and kept their minds energized was by reading. The subjects were varied history, cooking, math, sports, entertainment, hobbies, crafts, fiction, no fiction and the list goes on.

With that in mind we have a selection of books for you to check out. The only problem is you won’t be able to get them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walden or any other place. You will only find them here. Here are some of the titles, enjoy!

Studying Weather Patterns  by Hugh Midd and Hy Presher

Quick Italian Dinners by Mac Aroni and Lynn Gweeny

Enjoying a Day at the Zoo by Anna Konda and Jer Aff

Olympic Games Handbook by Paul Vault and Dee Kathlon

Learning New Card Games by Sol Itaire

Guide to Politics by Demi Kratz and Rhea Publikan

Mexican Dishes Made Easy by Ann Chilada and Hal Appeenya

How to Write Movie Scripts by Cliff Hanger and Rhea Wright

My Life in Prison by Rob Eree

Improving Sexual Pleasure by Connie Lingus and Phil Latio

Remembering Woodstock by Mary Wanna and Ellis Dee

Basic Science Knowledge by X. Perry Ment

Guide to Saving Coins by Penny Nichols

A Dental Handbook by Moe Lahr and Nova Caine

Travel the U.S.A. by Sandy Yaygo, Della Ware and Ken Tuckee

Hope this brought a grin, smile or chuckle at a time when we could all use one. Have a wonderful day, feel free to share this and we’ll have more fun books for you in the future.