So, you are looking for a new and exciting vacation are you? Then forget Disney World, forget Universal, forget Six Flags and forget Sea World. If you really want some fun and have a very open mind, then your next vacation destination should be the beautiful country of Brazil. The country is well known for their star soccer players, but also known for the luscious rain forests, paradise beaches, the exotic sounds of samba, lambada and other music. Then there are some of the most beautiful women in the world in Brazil.

This country exudes sensuality without even trying. Men thank them for the invention of the thong bikini while women everywhere exude sensuality, beauty, brains and the desire to be loved. Just when one might think Brazil could not get anymore sexy than it already is, they certainly have thanks to the creative mind of Mauro Morata. Mr. Morata, is the wealthy Brazilian businessman who is behind this project, and with his group they will bring to the public the most erotic theme amusement park in the globe that is already creating international hype. It is called ErotikaLand.

It is planned to open to the public in 2018 and will be located in Piracicaba, the city also known as the “Noiva da Colina” or “bride of the hills”. Now this doesn’t mean that the park will be one ongoing orgy festival, it won’t. The investors with Morata who are putting this all together promise their main goal is to promote healthy attitudes towards sex.

The amusement park will be very similar to other parks around the globe, except the theme will be around sex. For one thing, the bumper cars will be shaped like genitalia. Ooops, a penis just bumped into a vagina! (Make up your own joke!). other rides will also have a sexual theme of some kind. As for food, there will be regular foods to have but there will also be, in place of popcorn and cotton candy, aphrodisiac treats to be enjoyed and trigger your senses. Another feature of the park will be the erotic sculpture area and a very modern 7D cinema that will employ vibrating seats as you watch the movies and guaranteed they won’t be showing Snow White or Bambi!

There is still more adults will enjoy at this park. They will have, what they call, a sex playground water park that will include water slides and a lot more. In addition there will also be several pools strictly for nudists. There will also be a museum devoted to the history of sex, which promises to be an eye opening experience. While you will be able to buy the usual souvenir T-shirts and such, they will mainly be selling adult sex toys, lotions and other sexually geared adult items in the various shops on the grounds.

One very important rule that will be strictly enforced is that visitors will not be allowed to have open sex anywhere in the park. Arrangements are being made with nearby hotels that visitors can stay at or use for sexual get togethers. The admission into ErotikaLand will be about $100 per person. Now would you rather spend that at this place or Disney World?

One final note: The Piracicaba City Council which is run by the Christian Socialist Party, does not want Brazil to be known as the “capital of sex” and are not happy about this project which will employ about 300 people. Apparently they do not even know their own country very well. Between the absolutely beautiful women, thongs, the jaw dropping beaches, the incredible sultry sounds of the music and the overall sensuality that is in the air, Brazil has always been considered one of the most sensual and sexual countries in the world.

So start looking into those plane reservations and hotels for next year because this will be a once in a lifetime experience regardless of your age. I know we have put this adventure at ErotikaLand on the top of our bucket list!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

Some of the source material in this feature comes from Sheyla and Life Buzz.