Art’s World – Hopes and Dreams for 2024

Art’s World – Hopes and Dreams for 2024

Hopes and Dreams for 2023

I have been on this planet for almost nine decades and I have been through all the good, the bad and the ugly. Yet, with all of bad and ugly that I have seen and lived through, there is nowhere else on this great earth that I would rather be than right here in the good old USA.

No, this country isn’t perfect and never has been. But it is damn close to being perfect despite all of the foibles, misgivings, misdirection’s and problems we have faced since the Pilgrims first landed here 403 years ago. Yes, we complain about the dirty politics, the liars and cheaters, gun control, mass shootings, inflation, high gas prices, high costs of owning a home and a myriad of other daily problems, but look around the globe and see how better off we are in the overall picture.

So, at this stage of my life what do I wish for in 2024? The first and main thing I wish for is world peace. I know, most of you laugh and feel that can never happen considering what is taking place in the world today. But I truly believe that certain rulers know what they are doing is fruitless and could end up destroying not one country, but the world as we know it. It won’t happen overnight, but I truly believe that at some point in this new year that peace will come. I also hope in 2024 that politicians will come together as an unbiased group, take a really deep look at this country and vow to fix it and fix it right so that all of us regardless of color, creed, sexuality, religion can live in a country to be proud of in every way. It will take a lot from both sides of the aisle but it can be done. 2024 is a very critical time in our country’s history. Regardless of the political parties, we are at a very serious crossroads as the future of this great country.

As for other wishes in 2024, I wish that all of you find love, peace, good health and some way, at least once, to pay it forward, I know that I will as I did in 2023. One act of kindness in whatever form can do wonders for the soul. I wish for 2024 that our economy balances out and that people will be able to afford things they haven’t been able to. I wish that 2024 will be a year when we have had the last of more vaccines, masks, pandemics and widespread fear. I wish that in 2024 that those life long dreams you have had can finally come true and enrich your lives in many ways.

As for me personally, I just hope that 2024 continues to bless me with good health, the love of my profession, to keep working and writing and creating. I have been blessed with a fantastic woman in my life, Carole, who continues to give me reasons every day to live and to love. I am blessed to have two great brothers from other mothers, Paul Allen Cianci and Vern Allen who make each day special in so many ways. Last, and by no means less important, to all of you who are a part of my life either in person or through social media, I can never, ever thank you enough for enriching my life in so many ways.

Now let’s all pull together and make the year 2024 one of the best we have all enjoyed in a long, long time. We have done it before and we can do it again. Happy 2024 everyone!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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