Art’s World – What’s In a Name?

Art’s World – What’s In a Name?

Once again I am not posting anything regarding the pandemic, politics, BLM, protests, riots and downer subjects. Time to have a little more fun.

When it comes to names, especially last names there are millions of them. Some are easy to pronounce, some very difficult and some lend themselves to laughter or a scratching of the head. I can’t tell you how many times, to this day, that I get mail addressed to me as Kock, not Koch. With that in mind some years ago I started scanning the weddings and engagement pages of a variety of newspapers from all over the U.S. My object was to find the names of real couples who had a sexual connotation to them. After about a week or so scanning various papers I was able to come up with some real gems.

So today, I went back to the vault and dug out this collection of real names. Here are just a few that will hopefully give you a laugh, smile or chuckle. Enjoy!

Hardin – Small

Naylor – Young

Bigg – Johnson

Faye – Schull

Tu – Hancock

Russell – Whilfahrt

Joons – Hott

Neal – Downe

Yu – Suk

Hardin  – Reddy

Given – Hedd

Small – Peters

Eaton – Busch

Forney – Cates

Rose – Swallows

Daley – Sexauer

Yoo – Hung

Masters – Bates

So there you have some real names that together make quite an interesting combo. Really makes you think just how boring the names Smith and Jones really are. Have great day everyone and keep on smiling it WILL get better.

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