Art’s World – This n’ That

Art’s World – This n’ That

Once again, no soapbox, no rants, no raves just some this n’ that for this week. There have been a few things that have caught my eye this past week in regards to TV, baseball and dining out. These are just my observations and thoughts, nothing more. So you may agree, disagree or maybe not even care and that is okay.

First regarding TV. With so many shows on the networks just plain garbage and also reruns, it is a pleasure to see  the return of the $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan. They have not changed anything about the show from the original, still the same set, same Q & A set up and a very good hosting job by Strahan. I must also admit that I have really gotten hooked on the new version of Password. While I am still on the fence about the hostess, Keke Palmer, I have to admit Jimmy Fallon plays this game terrific. I also like the changes they made to make it a bit more exciting and fun. Then there is the “creeper”, the guy who gives the clues to the viewing at home audience. Sorry this guy’s voice is just flat out creepy and would cause you not to sleep at night. That aside, the new version of Password has become a hit and welcome addition for us.

On the drama side there are two I want to talk about, first the return of the very edgy, dramatic Big Sky on ABC returning later this month. In this return, the show title is changed and the story line arc will feature country music star and superb actress, Reba McIntyre. She plays Sunny Barnes, an outfitter, who has a mysterious side to her. Just from the preview clips it looks like Reba’s character is going to add even more mystique to this show. With a new story, the overall beauty of the Helena, Montana area as the backdrop and McIntyre as the featured player, this season of Big Sky: Deadly Trails looks to be very exciting, dramatic, surprising, cat and mouse catch me if you can and edgy as ever.

Second is the A League of Their Own” series running on Prime Video for eight episodes. To begin with this is NOT a remake of the original movie. It is an adaptation with the entire new story line depicting the women, baseball, and the hidden secrets that the movie could not show or make part of the film back in 1992. It takes a very honest, but dark and deep look at the ‘queer” side that existed and was very real. It also looks at the side of the black people in that period and what they had to go through with all this that affected people of all colors. Of course, there is baseball, but this adaptation, which got the blessings of Penny Marshall before her passing, is much, much more. It is about what is more open today with the LBGTQ than it was in the 1940’s on and off the baseball field. We have watched all eight episodes and look forward to a second season. I will do a feature/review of this series in the near future. But I will say that if you have a totally open mind, this is must see TV.

When it comes to dining out a lot has changed since the COVID pandemic. People changed their habits and didn’t go out as much to eat. Consequently, a lot of restaurants cut their menus and hours down or closed up and some never reopened. But over the past months a lot  has changed and back to a more normal routine. We have gone out to dinner more in the past six months than we did for about a two year time frame during COVID. Which brings me to this past Sunday and going out to dinner with our besties, Vern and Suzanne. We went to a place in Tampa that we had been to a few times before the pandemic. This was our first time back in a couple of years and it was better than ever. They have a full menu of just about anything you can imagine from burgers to steak and lobster, Italian, salads, you name it this menu has it. I ordered the meat loaf, Vern ordered pork chops and the ladies ordered the Taco Bowl. The dinners came with an appetizer, plus a side salad, choice of potato (they serve real, homemade mashed potatoes!) and a veggie. When the waitress came with our orders our eyes bulged. The two Taco salads were gigantic, Vern’s pork chops were enormous and my meat loaf was huge! There was more than enough for another meal and we all took leftovers home. The food was exceptionally good, tasty, filling and will have us coming back again. If you are in the Tampa area you must give this place a try. It is Joe’s New York Diner located at the corner of Fowler and Florida Ave. They also serve beer and wine and have incredible desserts as well. Good to have a place we like still going strong and even better than we remember it. Try it you’ll like it.

Okay, that’s enough of “This n’ That” for this week. In closing always remember that “today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday”. Have a great week and an enjoyable Labor Day weekend everyone.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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