Art’s World – New Fun Books on Cooking

Art’s World – New Fun Books on Cooking


Time for a little humor in this crazy world. This week “Art’s World” introduces you to some new fun, made up books about a variety of cooking some of your favorites with all kinds of helpful hints. (Tongue in cheek, of course!) So let’s take a look at these fun books on food that you won’t find in any bookstore.

“Pasta Dishes Made Easy” by Mack Arony & Lynn Gweeny

“Simple French Cooking” by Sue Fley

“Five Minute Breakfast Meals” by Chris P. Bacon

“How to Use Peppers in Meals” by Hal O. Peno

“Japanese Appetizers” by Sue Shee

“Grilling Made Simple” by Barbi Kue

“Classic, Tasty Salads” by Cesar Cobb & Andy Pasto

“Savory Southern Dinners” by Virginia Hamm

“Italian-Indian Dishes” by Ravi Olee

“Seafood Cooking Hints” by Mack Erill & Hal Ibutt

“Easy Meals Mexican Style” by Ann Chillotta

“Tasty Jewish Favorites” by Matt Zaball

“The Perfect Steak” by Del Monico & Phil A. Minyon

“How to Use Seasonings” by Basil Curry

“Selecting the Right Wines’ by Vin Yarde & Cab Ernay

Hope these books and authors from my warped mind brought a smile your way.   I know you’ll want to pass some of these on, so please do. Enjoy your meal today.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN


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