Art’s World – My Favorite Virtual Train Trips

Art’s World – My Favorite Virtual Train Trips

Over the past few months, I have shared my experiences with you on one of my ways to relax by taking virtual train trips with a complete cab view. That means I am seeing everything from the driver’s cab that he sees. It is an exciting, fun way to see the train route, the surroundings and everything that goes along with the trip. In these virtual trips I have been to Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, with more to come! Hopefully I will get to experience just about every corner of the world on these trips. Here are some photos of the rides in different countries I was on.




All these travels have been anywhere from one to three hours in length and given me the opportunity to visit many cities, large and small.  All the trips were recent being videoed in 2023 and right up to a couple of weeks ago in 2024. These have been through all four seasons and the changes in weather in Europe are simply amazing. The scenery along the way in so many countries has been breathtaking, eye opening and jaw dropping showing some of the beauty of these countries who have been around thousands of years long before there was the USA.

I have been in the mountains, through the mountains, over the mountains. I have been in short tunnels and long tunnels. I have been over bridges and ridges offering some scary, but spectacular views from high up in snow covered mountain like the Alps, to lush greenery during summertime. I have been along the beachfronts of Italy and France and seen the azure blue waters of the Asiatic Sea and Mediterranean Sea, the Danube River in Germany as well as ice covered lakes and rivers in the middle of winter. Mother Nature has provided sights that some of us only dream of but never get the chance to see, explore or experience. These virtual train rides from the cab are definitely one way to do that.

Now, with all that said, I can honestly say I found no disappointments in any of the countries I visited, but I did come away with my top favorite of all that I would go back to again and again. Fact is while I made at least two or more trips in all the countries, this country I have made ten different trips and never once, with exception of some major rail stations, saw the same things. My number one favorite is the Netherlands. Why?

First let me say that each country had their big pluses, especially in one particular area…………infrastructure. It is very obvious that all the countries I visited take pride in their roads, bridges, railroads, transit lines, etc. and it is a major priority. In each country everything in those areas is modern, kept up to date, clean and functional. The highways and ‘super’ highways look brand new, not 50-60,70 years old and are maintained at a high level. In all countries the highways have no such thing as billboards, flashing neon signs, nothing to distract drivers. There are gas stations and a few stores very spread out and yes, there are McDonald’s here and there. All the rail lines in these countries are 100% electrified having begun in the 20’s and 30’s, then finishing after WW II in the 50’s and 60’s. There is no more steam or diesel. Electric is cost efficient and much better for the air quality and environment as a whole. Apparently when it comes to freight trains they limit them to no more than 50-60 cars unlike here where freight trains of 100-200 cars is normal. To be honest, and it hurts to say this, but the U.S. is an embarrassment in the areas of infrastructure compared to what I saw in the different country’s trip after trip.

The Netherlands weather is terrific, rarely goes above 85 degrees or below 20 degrees. As for snow, the entire country averages 20-25 inches during winter, daylight is also longer. They are very 21st century with architecture, homes are various sizes and meticulous, communities are well run and kept and there is plenty to do all over the country. One thing is a must though. You must own a bicycle besides your car. The country is bicycle crazy. Those are just a few reasons why the Netherlands is my favorite. My next trips will be to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, where I have already taken one virtual trip that was eye catching.

If any of you are interested in taking one of these virtual trips here are a couple of websites to try….Cabview Holland….and for a variety of countries  there is also, but I warn you, you just might get hooked, so enjoy.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to Norway, have a great day!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN


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