Who makes this stuff up??? Every day something is celebrated and Tuesday March 6 is not different. Now I know you might think of taking tomorrow off, maybe have a celebration, find a parade or just call all your friends to party!! Yes tomorrow March 6 is … are you ready for it … here it is … get ready to throw your hands in the air and scream … National Dress Day !!

Oh wait a minute, it’s also National Frozen Food Day, National Oreo Cookie Day and National Dentist Day. There are over 1,200 “National Days” and these four share March 6th.

Dress designer ASHLEYlauren registered but National Dress Day in 2016 wanting to showcase the history of dresses throughout time. There have been minis, long, elegant, fancy, simple, A-lines, wedding and sexy dresses. They want you to wear a dress tomorrow, take a photo and post it online using #NationalDressDay. You can see more by going to www.NationalDressDay.com .

National Frozen Food Day was started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation #5157. In 1927 Clarence Birdseye II applied for a patent to flash freeze food. That’s actually pretty amazing considering that in 1930 only 8% of Americans had a refrigerator in their home! As technology grew, so did frozen foods and in 1954 Swanson introduced the first TV dinner. Today frozen foods are a part of our everyday life … thanks Mr. Birdseye!

National Oreo Cookie Day … yes !!! I love those chocolate wafers filled with white cream filling. I eat them together but I know many people take them apart and lick the filling first! The Oreo cookie was invented by the National Biscuit Company … known today as Nabisco … in 1912 in New York City. The Oreo name was trademarked that same year. Today Oreo cookies are the best selling cookies in the USA.

I saved National Dentist Day till last because if you eat a TV dinner and then have Oreo cookies for dessert, you will need to brush your teeth or see a dentist! Nobody seems to know for sure who created National Dentist Day but it is a day that dentists around the world want people to be happy and celebrate. Nobody likes going to the dentist but when that cavity is filled, broken tooth fixed, toothache gone away and teeth cleaned we all are happy the dentist is there! Go to #NationalDentistDay to say thank you to all dentists!

Hope you all have a great March 6 and for those who care … March 7 is National Cereal Day !!!