Art’s World – Thank You Everyone

Art’s World – Thank You Everyone

First and foremost, thank you for the support you have given me and this Wednesday feature since it began in November 2018. In that time we have covered and discussed a wide variety of subjects, thoughts, ideas and tried to entertain you as well. This feature has always been about the “3 P’s”

What are the 3 P’s? (only some will get the reference.) In the case of “Art’s World” the three “P”s stand for People, Places and Pleasures. We have talked about food, television, movies, sports, celebrities, old cars and trains, various destinations, a look back down memory lane and yes, at times even politics have found their way into this feature. Your comments, support and feedback to all these various subjects has always been a very meaningful and important reason why I keep at with this feature. But every once in a while, over the past four years something, or someone, comes along that hits me in the heart and I have to put together a special feature about them. That has just recently happened these past two weeks and your comments, feeling and reactions actually gave me goosebumps. It also let me know that it was the right thing to write about and share with all of you.

The first one was two weeks ago when I introduced you all to Anthony Ryan Schmidt, a young boy who is autistic and has a passion for model cars and photography. What he has done with those passions while dealing with autism is simply incredible and his future is filled with nothing but brightness in so many ways. Reading his story and becoming part of his world as a fan, I have learned a lot, not only about autism, but the human spirit and nature in general. If, for some reason, you missed this story I urge you to go to: and check out this feature and become a fan.

The second time was this past week when I did a special piece on the late Anna Malle. It was the seventeenth anniversary of her passing as the result of an auto accident in which she was a passenger and took away her life at the young age of 38. Anna was a porn star, dancer and director, but she was, at least to me and our NightMoves family, much more than just a porn star. She was a loving, giving, caring lady who was as real as the rain and meant so much to so many. If you missed that feature for some reason, go to: and see just why this woman was so very special.

I am sure as we continue on each week with this feature and the “3 P’s” there will be someone special that I will be highlighting at some point. In the meantime, I just want to thank you all once again for all the support, comments, thoughts and suggestions you have made along the way. I am happy to know that this Wednesday feature has brought many smiles, laughs, insight, a reason to think and above all some entertainment in your day. Thank you again, have a fantastic week ahead and always remember this, “today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday.”

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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