Art’s World – 2020 Ends…….What’s Next?

Art’s World – 2020 Ends…….What’s Next?

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I have been on this planet for a long, long, long time and have never ever been through a year like this. I have been through the depression, WWII, the years of segregation and civil rights, assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Viet Nam, 9/11. You name it, as tough as many of those years were, the year 2020 has been one of the most taxing, emotional, depressing, scary, wacky, weird and unpredictable years ever.  Now 2020 is finally coming to an end, and while we are all glad to put it in the rear view mirror, what comes next?

My hope is that above all, we get rid of this damn virus that has taken away too many lives and put many other lives at risk. It has killed a great economy, it has put a record number of people on unemployment. Businesses of every kind, big and small, have shut down for good and number in the thousands. It has affected our school system from kindergarten to college. But to get back to “normal” it is going to take everyone, not just some, everyone to do their part. We now have the vaccines out with more coming and that will be a huge help, but it will take more than that. It is time for the haters, the anti maskers, the believers that this is still a hoax to get their heads out of their butts and do the right thing not only for themselves, but for their fellow man. Only then can we get rid of this pandemic and return to normal.

The number of killings, suicides, domestic violence, divorces, human trafficking and drug use have all risen to record heights during 2020. This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone in some way. The numbers of family members lost are mind boggling, the numbers of people losing their homes and jobs is staggering. I won ‘t get into the political part of it because if I do, I may not be able to contain myself, but politicians on both sides of the aisle have totally let the people of the United States of America down and shown they really don’t give a damn about you or me….and why? Simply because of one party’s outward, deep seeded and misguided hatred for one man, the President who they have refused to work with since day one. The you have a GOP leader who is against helping his own people in a dire time of need when it comes to the latest stimulus checks and the idea that Americans do not need any more help (yes, I am talking about you Mitch McConnell……You have shown your true colors!). Then there was the election on top of the pandemic where that hatred really showed its ugly head.  I have been voting since the mid 1950’s and you will NEVER convince me that this 2020 election was legitimate. All it will bring our way are darker days ahead in how we live our lives. It has also never become more obvious than this election year just how brilliant politicians are when it comes to covering their dirty tracks.

I could go on, but the anger I feel over how so many people were duped into believing that this incoming administration has a magic wand and will make all better just stuns me. I do truly believe our darkest days are ahead of us, not from the pandemic, but from what will take place in Washington less than a month. The United States of America we have known and loved will cease to exist unless the political house of cards is made to finally crumble to the ground and be exposed for all to see.

Still my wish for 2021 is to rid this country of the virus, for the unemployment numbers to shrink, for businesses to flourish again and for people to be able to live a safe, long, healthy life in the USA they love and cherish. Is it possible for this to happen in 2021?  Anything is possible, but with what is ahead as far as who will be nleading this country, I am very worried, scared and do not like the direction we are heading. I pray to God that I am wrong and I pray to God that he will watch over us and get us through it all with better, not worse, days ahead.

Happy New Year everyone.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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