She would be beautiful … she would have an amazing body … she would like everything her partner says … she would never disagree … and she would be amazing in bed. Impossible?? Maybe in the real world but a company called “Eve’s Robot Dreams” is in the process of raising funds to open a sex robot brothel in California. Not only would these sex robots be lifelike to the touch, people will be able to interact and create relationships with their perfect mate by downloading the “realbotix” app on their telephone. They can have conversations with their robot-mate or strike up new conversations with other bots they haven’t met in the brothel’s café. According to press releases, the brothel’s main concern will deal with sanitation and cleaning – as the robots must be properly sanitized prior to each new guest by staff. To ensure cleanliness and safety, guests can also purchase their own vaginal or anus insert to place in the robots that is “theirs and theirs alone.” Eve’s Robot Dreams is hoping to raise $150,000 in order to open the brothel in 2019!