WHAT IF??????

WHAT IF??????


This time a little something different. What if…..some of your favorite TV shows, movies, sports teams, etc. had not made certain last minute changes what would they have been like? Here are some interesting and little known facts of how some changes were made and mostly for the better.

The hit movie “Forrest Gump” almost had a different lead actor to play Forrest. John Travolta was offered the role but turned it down and Tom Hanks got it.

Did you know that prior to coming to Washington, D.C. in 1937, the NFL’s Redskins played in Boston from 1933-36? They had previously been known as the Braves.

The role of Archie Bunker in “All in the Family” was originally given to Mickey Rooney, but he turned it down and did not want to play a bigot. Carroll O’Connor got the award winning role.

At one time, back in the 1920’s the Brooklyn Dodgers had the name “Bridegrooms” for several years because most of the young players had gotten married. Fortunately that changed in the Dodgers and has been that ever since..

The role of Walter White in the groundbreaking show “Breaking Bad” was first given to Matthew Broderick, but the producers were adamant about having Bryan Cranston playing the part and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Elf” has become a Christmas holiday classic thanks to the star of the film Will Ferrell, formerly of SNL. However, originally Jim Carrey signed on to play the part. Because it took several years to get the movie into production Carrey backed out and Ferrell was given the role.

The NFL Buffalo Bills were at one time known as the Bisons. When the new ownership took over a “name the team” contest was run. While the owners liked the name that didn’t come in first they went with the winner, Bills. The name they almost took was the Buffalo Nickels.

Gywneth Paltrow turned down the iconic role of Rose in the mega box office smash hit film “Titanic” as she didn’t think the movie would do all that well and wasn’t right for her. So Kate Winslet took on the role and we all know what happened with the film.

One final “what if” and it is a doozy. When Paramount was getting ready to do “The Godfather” they did not want Al Pacino to play the role of Michael Corleone. They offered the role to Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson and they all turned it down. So, against studio wishes, Pacino got the role.

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