Super Bowl Trivia & Fun Facts

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls, most of any team, while the New England Patriots are 4-4 in the big game.

A 30 second commercial for the 2018 game costs between $3.5 and $5 million. In 1970 a 30 second commercial was $42,000.

As for some food fun facts, according to the National Restaurant Association, 1.3 billion wings will be eaten and Pizza Hut will sell more than 2 million pizzas. 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday and 51.7 million cases of beer are sold.

Nine of the top ten TV shows with the largest viewing audience have been the Super Bowl. The biggest was Super Bowl XLIX, New England and Seattle, with a viewing audience of 114.4 million viewers.

Only four teams have never been to a Super Bowl, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The reason the Super Bowl use Roman numerals is because the season stretches over 2 calendar years.

The highest score ever by both teams in a Super Bowl game is 75 points scored by the San Francisco 49ers and the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

The lowest scoring game was Super Bowl VII. Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7.

Miami and New Orleans have hosted the most Super Bowls, with 10 apiece. Miami is set to host the city’s 11th Super Bowl in 2020.

Tom Flores, a Hispanic, was the first minority head coach to win the Super Bowl as the coach of the Oakland Raiders.

The Minnesota Vikings are the very first team to play the Super Bowl in their own home stadium.

The NFL has 72 footballs made ready for use in the Super Bowl game.

Teams wearing white jerseys have won 12 of the last 13 Super Bowls. Guess who’s wearing white on Sunday? Yep, the Patriots..

Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer are the only coaches to win both an NCAA championship and Super Bowl.

The largest attendance for a Super Bowl game was Super Bowl XIV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams at the Rose Bowl, with 103,985.