As we all know there are a ton of laws in America. Now some are very obvious and seriously needed, but there are some in every sin gle state that are  not obvious that could lead to fines, and even jail time, for some of the most silly things, like jail time if you get caught playing Frisbee golf at night. So here are just a few to be aware of. At the end we will post the link so you can see what the laws are in all 50 states. This is not a joke or a parody, these are for real.

Mobile, Alabama – If you’re going to party in this city be very careful how you celebrate. It is illegal for anyone to “to have in possession, manufacture, or handle any confetti.” Violations can result in a fine of more than $100.

Little Rock, Arkansas – Looking for a late-night snack? Then you better keep it down in Little Rock. It’s illegal to honk your car horn after 9 p.m. at “any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served.” Violating it can cost up to a $1,000 fine. Damn, Burger King can get expensive

Delaware – If you go to any drive-in theater in the state do not expect to see any film other than G or PG rated.  The state wants to keep the drive ins family friendly, so no films, regardless of how popular, that have an R rating are, by law, not allowed to shown .

Illinois -A person with a permanent disability is allowed to own a capuchin monkey to assist him or her in performing daily tasks. However, you can be fined up to $2,500 or go to jail (Class C misdemeanor) for possessing a leopard, ocelot, mountain lion, hyena or bear.

Kansas – In Wichita, you’re prohibited from owning more than two pet rabbits without a permit. In Lawrence, you’re allowed up to three. But in Topeka, there’s no limit on the number of rabbits you can have. Want to keep your furry friends safe from the law? Consider pet insurance.

Helena, Montana –  Remember “Frisbee golf?” It’s apparently so rampant in Helena that the city banned anyone from playing after 8 p.m., unless they’re on a designated golf course, lest they face a $500 fine or up to six months in jail.

Marshalltown, Iowa – Here you are prohibited from displaying a poster or sign containing the word “saloon,” even if you’re the owner of one. Terms including bar and barroom are also prohibited. Hmmmm, “booze emporium” sounds good.

Maine – While it’s not illegal to get into the Christmas spirit, keep those decorations up too long — past Jan. 14 — and you could receive a fine. Now that is NOT in the Christmas spirit.

South Carolina – Sorry, minors. According to South Carolina law, it is illegal for anyone younger than 18 to play pinball.

Wisconsin -The state has a lot of butter laws on the books. Serve margarine instead of butter to restaurant guests unprompted and you can get fined between $100 to $500 or imprisoned for up to three months. Penalties are stricter for second offenders. But, but, “it tastes just like butter.”

So there you have some crazy laws that are on the books, that are real  and can cost you money.  Want to see all the rest, and there are soime doozies, then go to: and also