Girl Scout Cookies……..Did You Know?

Girl Scout Cookies……..Did You Know?


Okay all you cookie lovers out there, and I am one of them, here are some tasty facts about one of the cookie staples in America, Girl Scout Cookies. We all like them, we all buy them and we all never seem to get enough of them and they are available now. But did you know?


The tradition of Girl Scout Cookie sales began in 1917, when the Mistletoe Troop from Muskogee, OK. began selling simple sugar cookies in their high school cafeteria as a service project.   They had no idea what a tradition this would begin as it is now in its 102nd year.

Only two companies make all the Cookies the two licensed bakers are ABC Smart Cookies and Little Brownie Bakers. Each Girl Scout council can choose who they want to provide their cookies. Each baker gets to choose what to call their cookies and what recipe to use.

Thin Mints are mandatory. All proposed cookies must be approved by the national Girl Scout organization, and can change each year, but three are non-negotiable: Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and Trefoils/Shortbreads. With additions and changes in cookies, those three will never be taken off the list.

While those three just mentioned will never been taken away, some cookies never made the grade. Among the ones that failed the test were Fruity Mango Cremes, jam-filled Iced Berry Pinatas, zesty, chip-studded Lemon Drops. Too bad, so sad, but they really were bad.

During the depression money was very scarce. The first official Girl Scout cookie sale was held in Philadelphia in 1933. A box of Girl scout cookies sold for a measly $0.23. If you could afford it, you could get 6 boxes for $1.24.

With the outbreak of World War II due to the rationing of sugar, flour, and butter the Girl Scouts sold no cookies. Instead, during the war they sold calendars to raise funds for their projects.

Those are not child actors on the cookie boxes. Starting in 1978, every single smiling face shown on the boxes has belonged to an actual Girl Scout enjoying their troop activities. The packaging was given a modern upgrade in 2012.

Between January and March Girl Scouts from coast to coast are out selling their cookies in every way possible. They go door to door, have stands at shopping malls, they have contest in schools and within each troop and a lot more. They sell more than 200 million boxes during that time.

The new flavor cookie for 2020 is Lemon-Ups, or Lemonades. Because two  bakers do all the cookies, which version you have available depends on what part of the country you are in.


Now that you know a little more about these great cookies, get busy buying up some tasty treats from these young girls. You have a nice variety to choose from with some new additions to whet your appetite. Plus you will be helping these young girls with their scout activities and projects!

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