This is not a movie script … it is 100% fact. Actor Steven Seagal who has played numerous roles ranging from a CIA Agent to a hit man was named a special representative to improve relations between the United States and Russia. The strange thing about it is the fact that he was appointed by Russia! The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the appointment on Facebook of all places saying Seagal’s mission will include promoting relations between the two countries in the humanitarian field including cooperation in culture, arts, public and youth exchanges. The position does not carry a salary. I wonder who Seagal’s agent is ???

WTF is going on in Chicago? Thirty-seven people were shot in the Windy City from 11:00am Saturday morning August 4 to Sunday morning August 5 11:00am.Thirty-one were shot after midnight  with twenty-five in multiple injury shootings in just over two hours. Sixteen of those shot were teenagers and twelve were seventeen or younger. Come on people, shooting kids does solve anything. Police are saying the majority of the shootings are gang related and they are still worried about follow up/pay back shootings.

Trump Good … Trump Bad??? The USA is on pace to add about 2.6-million jobs this year under President Trump’s watch. The interesting fact is the bulk of the hiring has occurred in bastions of Democratic voters and not the Republican counties that put Trump in office. 58.5% of the jobs gained were in counties that backed Hillary Clinton in 2016 according to an Associated Press analysis of county-by-county job data. The AP also found out that 35.4% of counties that backed Trump have actually lost jobs in the past year. Who would have thought that possible?

Think you’re getting old? How about these birthdays in August … Hulk Hogan turns 65 … Charlize Theron turns 43 … Melanie Griffith turns 61 … Sir Mix-A-Lot turns 55 … Angela Basset turns 59 … Cameron Diaz turns 45 … Shania Twain turns 52 … Billy Ray Cyrus turns 54 … Gene Simmons turns 68 … Vince McMahon turns 72 … Sean Connery turns 87 … and Madonna turns 59 !!

The fast food chain Popeye’s claims to have New Orleans style chicken. Their ads show the streets of New Orleans, they talk about New Orleans spices and the spokesperson has a Creole accent. Well the chain just moved their corporate headquarters from Atlanta to Miami to save money! The corporation that spent $1.8-billion to purchase Popeye’s last year is called Restaurant Brands International (RBI) and they also own Tim Horton’s and Burger King. They are based in Miami and putting all three companies under one roof will saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.