It’s amazing the way things change throughout the years. Let’s take a look at the most important changes I’ve seen in my life. First of all let’s look at women’s rights. This is one of the greatest things that have happened especially when you compare the rights that women have here in America when compared to around the world. In the Middle East, females still cover their body from head to toe, can’t vote, can’t drive and many need permission even to leave their house.
Here in the United States women have the same rights as men. Numerous towns, cities and states have elected female council members, mayors and governors. It isn’t 100% perfect as women still make less money than men in some fields but equality is better here than anywhere in the world and improving every year.

Second let’s look at race relations. I remember when “people of color” couldn’t eat at the same table as white folk, had to ride in the back of the bus, had their own drinking fountains and toilets, could not participate in professional sporting events and virtually had zero rights. Wow … has that changed! Today all that bullshit mentioned above is long gone and we have numerous “people of color” in all government positions … we even elected a black President and that was an amazing feat! Once again it isn’t perfect but progressing nicely.
Third, let’s look at gay rights. Years ago it was considered abnormal to be gay or lesbian and “coming out” was something that didn’t happen that often and frowned upon by the general public. Once again America came around and today being gay is almost normal! It seems like every sitcom, movie or television program has a gay/lesbian character and it is a regular part of day-to-day life. Gay couples can now marry in most states and be open about their relationships with very little repercussions. Once again it’s not 100% perfect but gender equality is getting there.
That brings me to the reason I’m writing this article. If our society can overcome women rights, race problems and LGBT biases how about giving the adult entertainment industry a break? I have been in the publishing business for over 30 years and I still have people frown upon my monthly publication NightMoves that sells ads to Tampa Bay area adult clubs, video stores, spas and adult related businesses.

I can’t get “legitimate” advertisers that all covet my readers but don’t have the balls to place ads in my mag due to peer pressure. People that go to adult clubs all have disposable income, 99% are employed with good jobs and they all use: family/divorce attorneys, criminal attorneys, breast augmentation/plastic surgeons, limo services, hair & beauty shops, nail techs, car dealerships and cell phone companies … to name a few. Dancers, club owners, managers and club patrons all need these services but I can’t get the advertisers. It’s crazy especially when you consider NightMoves prints no nudity. Yes, we have sexy, provocative photographs but no nudity … yet we are still looked at as taboo.

Communities are still trying to have adult clubs “outlawed” and throughout the years they have fought zoning ordinances, hours of operation laws and six-foot rules. Give me a break!!! If a person wants to go to an adult club who is he/she hurting? People have the choice how to spend their off-work time and nobody should take away that freedom. Adult clubs are legitimate businesses that pay taxes and employ thousands of people. There are less fights and police needed at adult clubs than regular dance clubs (see Ybor City bars) and the majority of adult club workers are honest, drug free and hard working.

You can see more nudity and sex on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” than you can at an adult club. Yes, it’s important that adult clubs make sure no minors can enter or work … It’s important that adult clubs keep a lookout for any type of human trafficking … adult clubs have to make sure there are no drugs in their business (that goes for ANY type of business) and … adult clubs have to make sure no sexual acts are being performed as they are illegal. These are all things that club managers and owners are aware of and they run their businesses accordingly as every business have a set of rules they need to follow.

Come on people … we have overcome numerous biases and bigotries in the country. Let’s work on First Amendment Freedoms and give the people who own adult clubs and the people who want to go adult clubs a break. Oh yeah … don’t forget to advertise your business in NightMoves … LOL !!!