When we say ‘beast”, we aren’t talking about some wild animal in the jungle. No, we are talking about the Presidential Stae Automobile that takes the president everywhere. There is a lot to know about this four wheel fortress, so check out a few of the fun facts about “The Beast”.

The newest model, which debuted in Septmeber of 2018, is reported to cost roughly $15 million dollars for a dozen vehicles. That comes out to a little over a million dollars per car – $1.25 million to be exact.

The breakproof glass on the Presidential State Cars is; 5 inches thick for maximum protection against any threat to the high-ranking officials inside. Also there are no keyholes. The Secret Service agents in charge of operating the vehicle are the only people who know how to open the car.

There are whole teams of individuals whose responsibility is to ensure there are several back-up measures in place in case of a serious incident. There is always two pints of blood in the type of the #1 passenger inside of the vehicle at all times. Additionally, at least one oxygen tank is stored on board at all times as well.

A Kevlar mat lines the underbelly of The First Car to protect from anything dangerous that might be tossed underneath or be laying in the road already.  There is also Kevlar in the vehicles’ tires prevent them from going flat if punctured.

Even though there are ‘Cadillac’ insignia’s on the vehicle, the car is completely custom-built by Secret Service engineers. Very little of this vehicle is actually a Cadillac. It’s got a lot of parts from a lot of vehicle models, it’s a completely custom made car designed under GMC and Cadillac monikers to ensure that it is “American-made”.

None of the windows open in the Presidential State Car except for the driver’s window. That only opens 3 inches! The obvious answer as to ‘Why?’ is safety. Remember the windows are 5 inches thick and the doors are 7 inches thick.

Of course the Presidential State Car isn’t going to be uncomfortable! So among some of the amenities it is outfitted with rear seats that maintain both reclining and massaging capabilities. Additionally, the leather and cloth of the interior is hand-cut and hand-sewn, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

“The Beast” – with its V8 engine runs on diesel because it is usually more convenient to source and use. Diesel is also less flammable than most gasolines. There is no stone unturned when it comes to all safety precautions in the Presidential State Car. That even means using the safest fuel.

Another of the amazing special precautionary measures comes in form of the interior of the gas tank. It is lined with a special foam that inhibits the fuel from igniting if it were to take a direct hit. This is a similar foam that NASCAR drivers use to protect their fuel tanks.

“The Beast” weighs an astounding 14,000 pounds, it’s long wheelbase and commitment to be sedan, is 18 feet long and 5 feet 10 inches high. Also because of its size and weight, the top speed is 60 mph.   As for fuel economy, it only gets about8miles per gallon.

There is a lot more to learn and know about the best. To get all of the facts  you can check them all out at: https://yeahmotor.com/cars/presidential-state-car-facts/20/?v=2