There is no question that pizza is one of America’s favorite food for every age an d just about any occasion The number of pizzas sold every year are in the hundreds of millions. No matter whether it’s a big name chain, a small local pizza place, or even those you can get in your favorite supermarket, everyone loves pizza. The combinations that pizzas can be made into, well there aren’t enough numbers  to spread out.  In a a couple recent polls, one from Daily Meal and the other from Harris,  the best pizza places were named. What is unusual is that the number one in the Daily Meal poll was different from the number one in the Harris poll. So what were the results?

In the Daily Meal poll 35 pizza places were ranked, some national, some regional, some local. We won’t give you all 35, but the Top 10. We’ll give you the link at the end so you can check out the entire list. So from 10 – 1 here they are:

10. Papa Murphy’s

9. Lou Malnati’s in Chicago

8, Godfather’s Pizza

 7. Papa John ‘s

6. Little Ceasar’s

5. Sbarro

4.  California Pizza Kitchen

3. Uno Chicago Grill

2. Domino’s

 1. Pizza Hut

As for the Harris Poll, they survey American consumers on their favorite brands across a huge area of industries, including household, travel, automotive and entertainment. This year, they surveyed more than 45,000 people about their brand preferences across 87 categories, and when it came to pizza, a surprise winner took the top spot and it was not any of the top ten that made the Daily Meal poll. When it came to best pizza the winner was Marco’s Pizza.  They are based out of Toledo, Ohio and have more than 600 locations in the U.S. and elsewhere. On personal note, Marco’s is #1 with us and our second favorite is #27 in the Daily Meal poll.

Enjoy your pizza however way you enjoy it and from whatever pizza place is your favorite. And to answer the burning question……YES, pineapple belongs on pizza!

For the entire Daily Meal Poll of the Top 35, go to: