Art’s World – What’s in a Name? Sexy Sounding Real Names

Art’s World – What’s in a Name? Sexy Sounding Real Names

No drama, politics and rants. Just some fun with names that should give you all a much needed laugh. I came up with this about twenty five or so years ago during a boring weekend. I decided to scan a variety of newspapers from all over the country looking for couples names in the wedding and engagement sections that had a sexual connotation to them, and did I find plenty! I had it in a couple of NightMoves issues way back in the day. So today, I went back to the vault and dug out this collection of real names. I hope they give you a laugh, smile or chuckle. Enjoy! Just think how boring it is to have the name Smith or Jones.

Hardin – Small

Naylor – Young

Bigg – Johnson

Faye – Schull

Tu – Hancock

Long – Wiener

Russell – Whilfahrt

Joons – Hott

Neal – Downe

Likker – Goode

Yu – Suk

Hardin  – Reddy

Given – Hedd

Small – Peters

Eaton – Busch

Moore – Butts

Forney – Cates

Rose – Swallows

Daley – Sexauer

Yoo – Hung

Masters – Bates

There you have some real couples names that make quite an interesting combo. Have great day everyone and keep on smiling it WILL get better.

Art Koch National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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