Art’s World – Stop! Enough is Enough

Art’s World – Stop! Enough is Enough

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We have three weeks to go before it’s time to vote in the mid term elections, but already enough is enough with these political ads. I know they will continue for a few more weeks and we will have to put up with the continuing “sh*t show” from both sides. It is really becoming a big turn off to many people and really makes you wonder if any of these candidates have any real clue as to what the people of this country, city and state really need?

About the only people happy about all these political bs ads are the TV stations and the extra revenue it brings in. It has gotten to a point where we hit the mute button every time one of these ads come on because they are nothing but nasty, dirty, deceiving words and promises for 30 or 60 seconds. Words taken out of context, film clips that don’t matchup with the script, clips of candidates to make them look worse than they may be and a lot more that makes you wonder, as a voter, what the hell are they really thinking or doing to make life better for us?

Not only am I sick of all these political ads that are doing nothing for the people at all. The main focus seems to be making each candidate seem like the worst thing since Adolf Hitler. They spend 45 seconds ripping each other with words and clips and 15 seconds about all the “good they will do for us”. There is one local ad for a politician where they constantly use the candidate in a clip supporting gay people and the LBGTQ and calling them unfit and radical because they support them. Then of course there is the abortion scenario that has really gotten out of hand with some of the comments, film clips, etc. and the list goes on. It doesn’t make any difference if you are red or blue because both sides are not being honest with the voters with some of these ads. Then they wonder why it is some people won’t vote?

I watched most of the debate last night between Rubio and Demmings and it was as expected, a total “sh*t show” with both candidates accusing each other of lies (gee, how original is that?), not being for the people and their best interests and not getting things done. Of course, in this ‘debate” abortion once again took center stage and neither side came away with a satisfactory solution and the same with gun control and the mass murders and on and on. Next up will be a debate between Crist and DeSantis and I am sure it will be another finger pointing, over talking maze of nothingness.

I know a lot hangs in the balance for all of us with these mid terms and we all want to see the right people get voted in that will actually do something good for the people. It would also be a nice change if, in the next few weeks, some of these ads would actually focus on two things that have been missing……..truth and honesty. Yeah, I know that’s asking a lot, the odds of me winning the lottery are probably a lot better, but we can sure hope and pray we get some honesty and truth.

In the meantime, we’ll have to put up with all the bs for a few more weeks, but for me personally, stop, enough is enough!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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