Some of the riskiest places people have ever had sex

People, married couples or not, have always had the fantasy of having sex in daring and risky surroundings. Many go for it, but many just leave it as fantasy and never give it a try. When I saw this article from Sara Hendricks about the subject it made perfect sense to bring it to you and feature it in “Art’s World”.


It is not exactly a secret that real-life sexual encounters rarely live up to what is seen in movies and TV. Sure, some may fantasize about reenacting a steamy sex scene from “Game of Thrones” or “50 Shades of Grey,” but sex is almost always done the old-fashioned way in a bed, missionary, with the door closed and the lights turned off. Right?

Well, apparently not. According to a new study conducted by sex toy store EdenFantasys, 69% of Americans claim to have had sex in a “risky” location. Of those people, 23% were caught in the act and 58% say it enhanced their relationship.

What entails a “risky” location? How about things like a moving roller coaster, a port-o-potty or the right field bleachers in the middle of a baseball game. Here are some of the risky and wild places where some Americans have had sex. Of course I had to add my own comments.

Fast Food Drive Thru – Talk about ordering a Whopper!

Behind a Convenience Store – Now you know why they have that name.


Observation Deck at the Empire State Building – Not sure that’s what the name intended.

In a barn with animals everywhere – I’m not even going to go any further with that one.

Courthouse bathroom before appearing in front of a judge – Now that is what I call the perfect stress reliever.


New York City subway – Really? That’s no big deal there, trust me.

In the car during an automatic car wash – The car isn’t the only thing getting wet!

Top of the Eiffel Tower – Well, Paris is known as the City of Love.

Parking lot of a stadium before a game – That’s taking “tail”gating to a whole new level.

And finally…………………..

A moving roller coaster – Just one question…….How??

There are more and I am sure some of you can add your own to that list. I know I can (the10th green at a local golf country club at night is just one of mine). If you feel like letting us know about the risky places you have had some fun go for it! It is obvious from this article by Ms. Hendricks and the survey taken by  that people are a lot more daring when it comes to sex than we may think. My own personal opinion is it is good to get out of the norm once in a while, you never know what thrills and excitement you may be missing by trying and doing something different and daring. I hope you have enjoyed this edition of  “Art’s World”. Now go try something different, daring and decadent.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

Most all of the information in this feature is from Sara Hendricks, the Insider.

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