What a wonderful way for “Art’s World” to return, talking about women’s breasts, boobs, tits, melons, ta tas or whatever your favorite word is. I will say here that this is a topic that has both a serious and a fun side.

On the serious side, the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month  and is designated for women to be reminded to get checked and be aware of any slight differences in their breasts. It is a time to have those mammograms done and taken care of so that those beautiful gifts from God can be protected and function as they are supposed to. So please ladies, do a self exam, see your doctor, get the  all important mammograms done and taken care of. I know from personal experience with Carole how important this is. We just went through it and after a couple of biopsies the results came back revealing that there was no cancer whatsoever. Needless to say we were very relieved. So please don’t put it off and think everything is okay because you just never know.


Okay, now let’s lighten the mood and get into the fun side and we all know when it comes to women’s boobies there is a lot of different fun that awaits. With Halloween only a couple of weeks away,  I felt this was also a good time to suggest some experimenting. To begin with, why not get into role play with some erotic costumes that go beyond lingerie and show off those luscious mountains of joy. You can be a sexy school girl, cop, fire fighter, nurse, or whatever, let your imagination take over and let your breasts be the star attraction!


Maybe you have always wanted to be in charge in the bedroom but felt it wasn’t a “woman’s thing”…….wrong! You can get kinky and play up the dominatrix role. Some doms really let their ta ta’s show off big time in those sexy black outfits with the heels, whips, hand cuffs, etc. So go for it and have fun with it, you might be surprised by your partner’s reaction! If you would prefer to play the submissive role in this with your boobies being the focal point, that’s okay too. Don’t be afraid to let go in the privacy of the bedroom.


Now Halloween is just about here. We have given you some ideas to “practice” in a variety of ways and hopefully you have your costume all set for the big costume party at a club, private home, etc. This is the perfect time to let you fantasies, and your boobies, spill out and create a night that you, and your partner, will not forget. Throw caution to the wind, show off those delectable mountains of joy and deliciousness and, at least for this one night, be a totally different you. Let out that hidden kinky side and make your partner very aware of the person you have had hidden inside you for so long. You just might discover a whole new you that you truly enjoying bringing out at the right time.


In closing, and to get serious again, please do not assume everything is okay. You can do your own self exam as I am sure you know. But if you feel the slightest little thing, please see your doctor and get it checked. As I said above I am glad we did with Carole and found out it that it was nothing. But as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. God has given you ladies two of the most beautiful parts of the anatomy that we men love to admire and enjoy in many ways, so please take very good care of them.

Happy Halloween!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN