Art’s World – Remembering a Good Friend

Art’s World – Remembering a Good Friend

Seventeen years ago today, we lost a very special lady in the adult industry. She had retired from the business and was carving out a new life in Las Vegas. That new life was tragically cut short with a fatal auto accident in Las Vegas on January 25, 2006 at 11:30 in the morning. She was a passenger in the car that got t-boned by a pick up truck and was killed instantly.

During her career, she amassed over 300 films, but in addition to starring in films, she also directed them, did some writing and also performed as a dancer in clubs around the country. She was a fierce competitor, a straight on what you see is what you get lady with immense talent in many areas. She was also a co host of our annual NightMoves Adult Awards show in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002. Her name was Anna Malle, who was just 38 years old when this tragedy took place.

With her tall busty frame, jet black hair, Cherokee/Irish ancestry, Anna was a striking figure with expressive eyes, a ready smile and a happy go lucky attitude towards life. But today I don’t want to talk about Anna Malle the adult star. I want to tell you about Anna Malle, the real person and good friend whose loss I still mourn over.

I first met Anna when she appeared at our NightMoves Adult Awards show back in 1998. She was friendly, funny, down to earth, sexy as hell and someone I, and my wife Flo, made an instant connection with. We would stay in touch between awards shows and when she returned to Tampa, it was like greeting a family member you hadn’t seen in a long time. It became a special relationship beyond the adult scene. In addition, her mom and dad who lived in south Florida would also come to see her at the show and we got to know them as “family”.

In 2000, my wife was in a nursing home suffering from a debilitating stroke and beginning to suffer from dementia. I let Anna know about it and she was heartbroken. When she came to town for our awards show that September, she did something I did not expect. Despite the heavy schedule all our stars were on with the “Star Caravans” appearances every day and night at various clubs, Anna found the time to round up Randi Storm and a couple of the girls who had gotten to know Flo, who was like the unofficial “house mom” for the girls, and took the time to go to the nursing home to spend an hour or so with her. It was a gesture that I will be forever grateful for and all that it meant to me.

Anna Malle and I singing on stage at
the conclusion of the 6th Annual
NightMoves Awards Show at Storman’s Palace in 1998.

In May of 2002, my wife passed away and that October we dedicated our awards show to her. Once again, Anna, who was co hosting the show, let her emotional side show as she literally did a eulogy on stage to my wife and had everyone in tears. This was the REAL Anna Malle, not just a porn star, but a beautiful, caring woman inside and out with a heart and soul as big as Texas, who I loved and was honored to call a friend.

After Anna’s tragic death on this day in 2006, I felt the best way to honor her memory was to create an award in her name. I came up with the Anna Malle Triple Play award that we have given out since our 2006 awards show. Triple play referring to a person active in three different areas of the adult industry. Anna was a performer, director and feature dancer. The very first recipient of that award was given to the multi talented Stormy Daniels. Since then, jessica drake, Kylie Ireland, Joanna Angel, James Bartholet, Tanya Tate, Miles Long and Bonnie Rotten have been among the winners of this award.

This lady was very special and that is the Anna Malle I will always remember. I imagine she and Flo are having a heck of a time up above regaling everyone with some great stories. R.I.P. Anna you are forever loved and will always be remembered by your NightMoves family and your many fans.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN


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