Art’s World – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Art’s World – Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As this week will be the last for all our daily features on AAN for 2022, it’s time to look back and also take a look ahead. It has been one hell of a fun and exciting journey since we began the AAN site back in 2011. Unfortunately, when we had to change over to a new web company in 2014, all of the features, reviews, stories and photos we had from 2011 through 2013 were deleted and lost, so we basically had to start over.

In our original set up I put together the “Girl of the Week”, the “Friday 4 or 5 Star Feature”, “Added New Releases”, “Where Are they Now??”, plus some jokes here and there, holiday themes and of course, all the industry news and a few special features now and then. Under the new set up I added “Wednesday’s For Women” (which I retitled Ladies Day in late 2020). I also added “Porn Classics Revisited” to give almost each day some daily feature on AAN. In 2016, I gave the 4 and 5 Star Features another permanent slot in “XXX Reviews”. In June 2017 we added “Shit We Should Know”, a weekly feature of fun facts, trivia, sex facts, etc. The next thing to be added to the list was another idea of mine with, “Art’s World” which made its debut in March 2019. Here we have covered everything from food to music, classic cars to movie/TV behind the scenes, sports to history, different decades and even politics on occasion and much more.

Still looking to add new features, I added “Throwback Thursday-Hall of Fame Stars” in 2020. The following year, 2021, I came up with, “The AAN/NightMoves Vault” where I put up a complete review of films we reviewed a number of years ago. I also began the “Dirty Dozen” in 2021, giving everyone a sneak peek at 12 brand new titles in release. In addition, there are always the Halloween and Christmas specials that I add in, so there is always something for all of you to look for and check out every day of the week, except Sunday. That’s the day I take a breather and catch my breath.

In all that time I have probably reviewed or done overviews of well over 20,000 films, for both the NightMoves magazine and the website, plus countless reviews of more than 100 classic porn films and well over 350 “Girls of the Week”. It has been a fun and exciting ride and believe it or not, it never ever gets old, boring or tiresome. Why? Because there is always something new, refreshing and different that comes along in the industry, plus the continuous flow of new girls coming into the industry almost on a daily basis. It makes my job of writing these reviews, features and creating enjoyment and interest for all of you that keeps me young, keeps me busy and keeps my brain alive and well. It has also afforded me the chance to become a voting member for several organizations at awards time, something I feel very honored to be a part of.

As for looking ahead, I can tell you that all of the features that are on the current schedule are not going anywhere. So, every Monday through Saturday you will find all of these, along with special features to enjoy. You can also be sure that somewhere along the way in 2023 I will come up with another new feature to add to the list. So, as we come to an end of this wild and crazy 2022, I am excitedly looking forward to the new year and hope that you are as well.

I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your continued support over the years for all our efforts at AAN and NightMoves, both on line and with our magazine.  We truly enjoy what we have been doing for the past thirty five years with the magazine, the web site, the annual awards show and other special events. We hope that your valued support will continue for years to come. Happy New Year to you all and let’s have a blast in 2023!

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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