Art’s World – Just Some Thoughts

Art’s World – Just Some Thoughts

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Needless to say this past week has been one that none of us will ever forget. Here we are into the new year of 2021 and the hopes that things would begin to get better have gone just the opposite. There has been extremely bad weather, there have been more layoffs from jobs, there has been a botched up system with the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and getting it to the people. There have been more deaths related to the virus, there has been in fighting in Washington regarding the stimulus checks and then there was the violence at the Capitol Building. All this and we are only halfway through the first month of 2021.

I am not going to get into a political rant and war over all that has happened especially the harrowing, despicable acts that took place at the Capitol building. I want to have all the facts and data before I really make any comments on what took place. The only thing that I will say about it for now is this. It was NOT the fault of one man. There are plenty to blame on both sides of the aisle and in many areas of government and law enforcement for what took place at the Capitol. It was not “tens of thousands” who stormed the building, it was several hundred while others stayed outside peacefully, down on the street peacefully and were not part of the move inside the Capitol building and causing all the trouble. But once again the mainstream media will only give you what they are programmed and told to do, incite fear and division and create more panic at a time when healing and being united is needed the most. It is sad to say that the MSM have become an enemy of the people. Where did morals go in broadcasting?

What took place at the Capitol was not just about the election and the results but it was the breaking point. This was a protest that has been four years in the making when you consider all that has been done over that time period to undermine the office of the president. This division did not begin with this administration; it began with the prior administration. Now the incoming Biden administration wants unity and peace, good luck with that. This country is so angrily divided right now that it will literally take a miracle to bring everyone together as one the way it should be and must be for us to survive as a nation.

I must admit that I fear this next week between now, the inauguration and then beyond.  It is going to be a very tense, scary time for Trump, Biden and all the rest, as well as for all of us. This country is so on edge right now that almost anything could happen. I pray to God that nothing will and all the people will be safe. I pray that God will watch over everyone and keep us protected and out of harm’s way. I pray that God will find a way to bring healing to our country so we can continue to be the greatest country in the world. God bless us all and God bless America.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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