There is a long time popular Christmas song titled “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas” by Burl Ives. But according to some real Grinch’s in our world they are trying to make it impossible. Political Correctness (PC) has run amok in this country in so many different ways over the past five or ten years and it is only getting worse.

Remember the furor a few years back about saying “Merry Christmas” or having a Christmas tree or a Christmas party The PC nuts said you cannot offend people who may not believe in Christmas … so it should “Happy Holiday”, a holiday tree, a holiday party, etc. to that I said, along with millions ….“Bullshit!” Fortunately in the past couple of years that edict has pretty much gone by the wayside. But here it is 2018 and the PC whackos are at it again in many other dumb and stupid ways when it comes to Christmas.

The furor was stirred again recently when WDOK 102.1  FM Radio in Cleveland decided the classic “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was considered inappropriate and immoral and banned it from being played on that station because a male was trying to get a female into staying at his house because it was very cold outside. This happened despite the fact the majority of people said it was a perfectly okay song for more than seventy years! Stations in Denver, San Francisco and other places also banned it but listeners overwhelmingly were in favor of keeping it on the air. Now, the daughter of Dean Martin (who made it a big hit in the 1950’s) is having a fit over this ban, and rightfully so.

Next came a bunch of critics saying that “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” was a song full of bigotry and bullying and should also be banned. Apparently these self styled critics have never read the lyrics to the song. Last year there were some libs who were very upset about the song “Frosty the Snowman” and tried to start a movement to change the song title to “Snowperson”…….. Say what? But this goes far beyond Christmas songs ….

There is the recent story of the substitute teacher at Cedar Hill School in Montville, New Jersey who told her 1st graders that Santa isn’t real, reindeer can’t fly, elves do not exist, there is no Santa workshop in the North Pole and the parents buy the gifts and put them under the tree. Obviously parents and the children were upset, the school was upset saying they would take “appropriate action”, which should mean firing this teacher. That did not happen and the school refused to release the teacher’s name and by all accounts is still employed at the school. It is NOT a teacher’s job to tell kids about Santa Claus in the 1st grade … that is strictly up to parents to handle if and when they deem the time is right.

Then last week you had Principal Jennifer Sinclair at Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska who banned candy canes because they are in the form of the letter “J” and that stands for Jesus and we can’t have that. This principal even banned wearing red and green, Christmas songs, Christmas trees, cards and more. The Omaha school district has put her on administrative leave. Sorry, she should be fired as well. I certainly wouldn’t want someone like that running a school my kids attend. What is really sad is that there are similar stories of other principals and teachers in various parts of the country who have taken it upon themselves to say Santa is not real and/or ban anything in their classes that have to do with Christmas. PC once again runs amok.

It is also happening in neighborhoods and sub divisions thanks to HOA Grinch’s. In Henderson, Nevada, there is a sub division called Inspirada. For eight years all of the home owners have gotten together and decorated and connected their homes in a tasteful, colorful way and always received positive comments from others. But a new HOA board decided to ban all Christmas decorations calling them a “hazard to the neighborhood.” I could fill two more pages with stories like this from various HOA’s around the country that have banned any type of Christmas decorations and then they fine home owners exorbitant amounts if they do put up decorations. Hell, we have that right here in our own Tampa Bay area. Fortunately I live in a complex that encourages putting up decorations and displays. Even the malls have given in to the “pressure” and do not get as elaborate with their “Christmas Spirit” like they used to. We are close to Citrus Park Mall and they used to go all out turning it into a great winter wonderland, but now there is very little, it is bland and you hardly know it’s Christmas time.

I won’t even get into the stories about banning Santa’s at various malls, events, etc. in various parts of the country. Some of the rules and reasons are just plain sickening and so over the top it’s ridiculous. I happen to know three gentlemen who play Santa during the season and I am sure they could write a book. With some they can’t say “Ho, Ho, Ho” any longer. Some ban kids from sitting on Santa’s lap and some ban Santa from interacting with the child in any way (just sit there, don’t touch, smile, pose for the picture and grab the money). There is a lot more PC garbage going on that just takes away from a little child’s belief in the jolly old man in the red suit.

I don’t know about you, but all this bullcrap I have read and seen this year about banning things to do with Christmas is very disheartening. Why take away what children, and many adults, believe in? Why take away the joy and excitement of one of the best and most festive holidays of the year? Why disallow people to put up decorations for the holiday showing their spirit and enjoyment of the season?

My credo has always been, “Never lose some of the child in you!” To one and all I say, have a “Holly Jolly Christmas”, enjoy Santa, Rudolph, the elves, the decorations, the lights, displays and all that comes with this special time of year. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

Some info from CNN, KTNV 13,, Fox News, HOA Leader,  WGN 9

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN