Art’s World – A Cat Story

Art’s World – A Cat Story

As most of you know we lost our beloved Bella about six weeks ago. She was a very special cat, a member of the family and filled with playfulness, love and had a wonderful life for fourteen years.

As any pet owner and lover knows, it takes a lot of time after losing a pet to be ready to accept a new one into the home. That is the case with Carole and I, we are just not ready yet to accept a new fur baby as a new family member. Also, as many of you know I am a strong believer, and always have been, that animals of every kind, have a sixth sense that humans don’t have in their DNA, a sixth sense that is one of compassion, love, care and well being.

That sixth sense has been displayed to Carole and I the past few weeks in the form of another cat who seemingly appeared out of nowhere after her passing, so here is the “Cat Story”.

One of the regular things Bella loved to do every single morning was to go by the sliding glass door that opened to the front patio. She would just lay there as the sun came up looking out to see what the day would be like. What we didn’t know was that she apparently had a regular visitor, another cat that belonged to one of the residents in our building or the one next to us. Then it happened.

About a week after Bella had passed, it was a sad time for us. We came out one morning and here was this beautiful cat on the other side of the door just looking in and around. We waved and said hi, and the cat just reacted with wide eyes and a meow and then took off. But the next day the same thing and for the next few days the cat would show up obviously looking for Bella, more than likely knew she had passed and just wanted to be near where she always was. One day Carole decided to go sit outside and had a little bit of dry cat food with her and lo and behold here came this cat out of nowhere, right up on the patio and nuzzled up to Carole, hesitated about the food then took it and hung around for a while then left. That night, about 6 p.m. or so Carole goes “OMG, look at this.” There was this beautiful cat out like a light sleeping on our patio table and pretty much stayed there most of the night. The patio table would become a favorite spot for her in the coming days. But this also answered another question we had. About a week before she passed and her health declining she would go by the front door, just stare at it and meow. We didn’t understand why at the time, until this cat came along. Bella was wanting to go outside and see her new friend.

Since then, Carole and I named have her “Angel”, and we believe now she was left behind when someone moved out a few weeks ago. She is very healthy, clean, well groomed, gentle and seems to have found a certain amount of comfort and safety with us. She has become more at ease each day and even came into our home, looked around checked out some of the rooms and places, including the spot where Bella used to watch out the sliding door. But then she would want to leave and either be on her way or go to our patio and lay down and she is still doing that. Now if she isn’t around and Carole goes out and calls for “Angel” she comes running from wherever she is and it is always very close by.

No, we have not taken here in 100% as yet, just not quite sure at this point. We enjoy her visits, making herself at home outside, sleeping, eating, taking a peek inside the house and just passing time and most of all giving us some comfort as well. She is definitely an “Angel” who had that sixth sense to know we were missing our Bella and giving us some returned love and support. Will she become part of the family one day? Carole wants to get her to our vet and checked out to make sure she is totally healthy and has no problems before we commit to anything. For now, “Angel” is just a welcome visitor we are glad to have spend some time with us each day. If she is meant to be with us permanently in our home, we will know and we will love, cherish and take care of her just as we did with our Bella who is looking down from “kitty heaven” with a big smile.

Those of you who have a fur baby of any kind as a pet and family member, or have lost one, can relate to this. Cherish them, love them and remember that sixth sense. It is an incredible gift they have been given.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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