When it comes to fast food in its many varieties, we all have our favorite places. For some they are regional and for many they are national chains. Whether it’s pizza, burgers, sub sandwiches, chicken or whatever you can always find it.

In a recent survey done by MarketForce, the results of who was number one in each category of fast food was both surprising and interesting. The survey was conducted in February and took in 11,000 people from all over country, from different demographics, ages, backgrounds, etc. It was a real cross section of people who made their feelings known about their favorites.

We’ll give you the top two in each category and at the end provide the link so you can see how they all ranked top to bottom. As we said, there will be some big surprises.

Survey of 13 Hamburger chains

#1 – In – N – Out Burger – 76%

#2 – Culver’s – 66%

Survey of 10 Chicken chains

# 1 – Chick-Fil-A – 73 %

#2 – Raising Cane’s – 68%

Survey of 9 Mexican food chains

#1 – Chipotle Mexican Grill – 46.3%

#2 – El Pollo Loco – 46.2%

Survey of 8 Pizza chains

Pizza Ranch – 64%

Papa Murphy’s – 62%

Survey of 9 Sandwich chains

#2 – Firehouse Subs – 62%

Some surprising results, to say the least. There are even more surprises when you check out the entire list to see where your favorite landed in this survey.  Here is the link for all of the results.