The Oscar Awards took place last night and it was one hell of a show! 12 years a Slave took home the Best Picture trophy, Cate Blanchett won the Best Actress award for her role in the movie Blue Jasmine and Matthew McConaughey won the Best Actor statue for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Other winners included newcomer Lupita Nyong’o as Best Supporting Actress in 12 Years a Slave and Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. The Best Animated Feature went to Frozen and The Best Director Award went to Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity. The movie Gravity (starring Sandra Bullock) took home a total of seven Academy Awards – the most of any movie this year.

Hostess Ellen DeGeneres did a great job keeping the festivities light hearted and fun. She ordered pizza, told jokes and took a photo that was so popular it shut down the worldwide Twitter network! It only took 40 minutes to get over one million tweets! The photo broke the old record of 728,000 that was set by a Barack Obama tweet earlier this month! At last count it was over 2-million!

A few of my opinions … Sandra Bullock’s dress was amazing. She is so hot! … Lupita Nyong’o needs to eat about twenty cheeseburgers, she’s just too damn skinny … Goldie Hawn looked great – for an old babe! … Kim Novak looked terrible and I wonder how much plastic surgery she’s had in her life? … P!nk was amazing singing “Over The Rainbow”, she did a fantastic job! … Bette Midler also did a nice job with “Wind Beneath My Wings” … Pharrell Williams had me tapping my feet with his “Happy” performance … I’m not a U2 fan so I won’t even discuss their song … I thought Charlize Theron was crazy beautiful. I think her dress was the best of the night! … Congrats to composer Robert Lopez who (by winning last night with his song “Let It Go”) became the 4th person to win the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award)!

The winning speeches were something else! Matthew McConaughey’s was amazing and I was very impressed! Lupita Nyong’o’s speech was also very uplifting and inspiring as well … It was nice The Academy actually let the bigger winners talk for a while.

The biggest screw-up of the night was by far John Travolta who introduced the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. He completely destroyed Broadway Star India Menzel’s name. Travolta (who looked buzzed) announced Adele Dazeem … what a Loser! You have one job all night long. You would think he’d get the girl’s name right.

All-in-all the Academy Awards were a good watch and I enjoyed this year’s show. Maybe the reason is that I saw the majority of the shows that were nominated. It’s always more fun when you know what the hell people are talking about! Congrats to all the winners and if you get the chance, see as many of these great movies as you can … it was a great year at the cinema!

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