NightMoves’ ‘First Choice’ Award Winners Rack Up Numerous AVN Nominations

NightMoves’ ‘First Choice’ Award Winners Rack Up Numerous AVN Nominations

How important are the First Choice Awards given at the NightMoves Adult Awards Show in October? Obviously very important and that has been the case since we incorporated that category in 2005. The films selected for that award are those we feel will be major hits, but missed our voting deadline. Since we have incorporated the award dozens of First Choice winners have gone on to win a plethora of awards from AVN, XBIZ and XRCO. Some of those films include Pirates, Not The Brady’s XXX, Spiderman XXX Parody, Speed, The New Behind the Green Door, Not the Wizard of Oz XXX and many more that all were major hits and award winners in many different categories. Our First Choice award is taken very seriously by the companies and they take great joy in receiving it because they know our award is the first step in their future success.

This year is no different. The XBIZ and AVN nominations were just announced. The four “First Choice” w inners from our show this year were: Unbridled, Bad Babes Inc., Justice League XXX and Submission of Emma Marx: Evolved. Those four films scored a whopping combined 97 award nominations from both XBIZ and AVN in a number of various categories. And that doesn’t even count the performer’s individual awards in various categories.

We, at NightMoves, feel honored to be the first to give these worthy films their due several months before the other award shows take place. It continues to validate our place in the industry each year and just how much the various companies, directors, producers and performers think of the work we do with not only our annual awards show, but NightMoves Magazine and our two very popular websites AAN (All Adult Network) and not to mention the incredible numbers we also get from Twitter and Instagram.

The AVN Awards will be held January 27th at 8pm at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. To Purchase tickets go to

To learn more about the AVN Awards and The Adult Entertainment Expo go to

Congratulations to ALL the nominees from Paul, Tracy, myself and the rest of our NightMoves staff. We wish you all the very best of luck in January when the winners are announced and look forward to an even more spectacular 2018.

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