Music is an important part of life. I could not imagine not hearing music … I awake to it, drive my car to it, work to it and then listen to it when I want to relax. I sing songs out loud, I have lyrics and melodies dancing in my head, I make up words if I don’t know them and I sometimes sing to my wife, family and friends. I might not sound like Frank Sinatra or Barry Manilow or Bruno Mars but I still love singing and music!

It’s amazing that certain people and groups have written and performed songs that are now a part of our everyday lives. When you hear these names you immediately think of a song or performance they did. I’m sure you will have additional items to add as songs/music/performers mean different things to different people but here is my Top Ten list:

When I think of The Beatles … Hey Jude is the song that pops into my head.

Queen … Bohemian Rhapsody

Michael Jackson … Thriller

The above mentioned Frank Sinatra … New York, New York

The Rolling Stones … I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Lynyrd Skynyrd … Free Bird

The Eagles … Hotel California

Bruce Springsteen … Born In The USA

Elvis Presley … Hound Dog

Rod Stewart … Maggie May

The same can be done with movie stars … Tom Hanks = Forrest Gump, Bruce Willis = Die Hard, Sandra Bullock = Speed, Keanu Reeves = The Matrix and others!

Television Series too … Carrol O’Connor = Archie Bunker, Henry Winkler = The Fonz on Happy Days, William Shatner = Captain Kirk, Roseanne Barr = The Rosanne Show (coming back on TV this month) and many, many more.

Have fun thinking of your favorites in multiple categories!