Over the weekend a college football player named Michael Sam made an announcement. This announcement made front page news of every newspaper in the country, it was the top story on ESPN / FOX Sports / NBC News / CNN and other networks and it is big news! Michael Sam plays at the University of Missouri and is projected to be drafted within the first three rounds of this year’s NFL draft. He is a very good football player and a solid student. The big announcement is the fact that Michael Sam is gay!

Good for Michael Sam, I wish him luck in life. Maybe I’m naïve … maybe I’m blind to the situation … maybe I’m self centered and just don’t understand but … I DON’T CARE IF MICHAEL SAM IS GAY! Why do gay people have to let the world know what they do behind closed doors with another human being? I understand if somebody says I’m black or I’m Asian or I’m Indian … I can see that by looking at them. I can understand if somebody says I’m a male or a female … I can see that by looking at them … I can see if somebody says I’m short or tall, skinny or fat, have blonde hair or brown hair I can see that … but I can’t tell what sexual preference you have by just looking at you.

I don’t understand why Michael Sam had to tell the world he’s gay. Will he openly try to have sex with his male teammates on the field? Will he attack a good looking linebacker in the shower? Will his being gay hurt or help his football playing? No, No and No. What a person wants to do sexually should be nobody’s business but their own. I just don’t understand why an announcement has to be made to state a sexual preference. A person’s sexuality is a personal choice and an individual decision. Why-oh-why does it have to be made public?

Being gay doesn’t automatically get you more money, being gay doesn’t automatically get you a better job, being gay doesn’t automatically give you an advantage in life, being gay is about sex. Sex shouldn’t come into play when you are playing a sport, doing a job, going to school, eating lunch or driving a car. I understand that being gay can influence clothing decisions, living decisions, music decisions and numerous social decisions? But once again, those are individual choices do they really need to be made public? I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE GAY!

The same can be said for religion. I can’t tell if you are a Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Buddhist or Protestant by looking at you. Once again … a person’s choice of religion is a personal decision. I DON’T CARE WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE! I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat or Tea Party member. I DON’T CARE WHAT POLITICAL PARTY YOU FOLLOW! I don’t care what nationality you are. Italian, Irish, German, Russian or Canadian.  I DON’T CARE WHAT NATIONALITY YOU ARE! As long as you don’t push your religious values, gay values, political values or nationality values on me, I don’t care what decisions you personally make.

I know that being gay is a sensitive and important item in today’s “tell all world”. I’m 100% for gay marriage and I am 100% for personal decisions. I have gay friends and I am very open minded. Once again, I don’t care what choices a person makes, just don’t push your values on me. I just don’t understand why being gay has to be flaunted. Gay Pride flags, parades, clothing, bumper stickers, websites and magazines are all great but why does a gay person care what other people think? Do what you want to do, enjoy life and don’t care about other people’s opinions.  I sincerely wish Michael Sam good luck and I hope the NFL and media lets this guy lead his life the way he chooses to live it!