NightMoves was at Clearwater Hamburger Mary’s on Tuesday evening January 29 for the first month finals of the “Let’s Make a Diva” contest. The event started with semi-finals on January 15 and the top four contestants performed on the 29th.

To say the acts were amazing would be an understatement! The event was hosted by Kamden T. Rage (who did a great job) and also featured a super performance by the beautiful Monica Malone. The four finalists each did two performances with the crowd deciding the winners by clapping, howling, screaming and stomping their feet! When the dust cleared the top two contestants were separated by .03 decimal points on the official sound meter. The winner was the wild and crazy Mona Lotts (who did an amazing “small hands” act) with Jessica Taylor finishing in second place. Christi Spice was third and Adam Cole finished in 4th place.

If you have never been to Clearwater Hamburger Mary’s you can have a fantastic meal and catch Mona (who will be guest performing) on February 8th. The next round of the “Let’s Make a Diva” competition will be February 12 and you know it will be another exciting evening!

January 15, 2019 Semi-Finals

January 29, 2019 FInals