Girl of the Week – Gizelle Blanco

Girl of the Week – Gizelle Blanco

This week we introduce you to a tall, statuesque and exotic young lady with a ton of talent. She has been on the scene since 2020 and in the past year has really been coming on strong with some knock out web appearances and film scenes. Her name is Gizelle Blanco.

This very athletic young lady was born in Oahu, Hawaii and did her growing And Schooling on the island. She was raised in a very strict family and admits to being somewhat of a nerd in school. But she was also a gifted athlete and played basketball and was a pitcher for the softball team. To top it off, Gizelle graduated Summa Cum Laude from high school in 2017.

She is also her own United Nations as she is part Chinese, Puerto Rican, Portuguese and Hawaiian from her mother’s side, and on her father’s side inherited Mexican, Swedish, Irish and Native American blood. Needless to say that accounts for her very different and exotic look and it is totally eye catching. She put that athletic body and great look to good use as a runway model in school.

Being a runway model she learned how to be sexy. After graduating school she decided on a whim, to go to a local strip club. Being the shy, nerdy girl she was everyone thought she was joking or just being crazy. But she was dead serious and went to a strip club and for the next three years was an exotic dancer at clubs showing off all her natural sexiness.

She was also shooting some private videos and this would lead to her being contacted by an agent from Motley Models. Intrigued by the adult industry and what was offered, Gizelle was on her way to Los Angeles. Confident in herself and her abilities Gizelle did her first scene in 2020 for Net Video Girls. It was well received and she shot a couple of more and then more doors opened.

With her all natural body, exotic looks, super personality and talents Gizelle wound up shooting scenes for outfits like, Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Sweet Sinner, Digital Sin, Erotica X and more, plus a lot of new web scenes as well. Even during the pandemic this sexy lady kept the fires burning for her growing fan base.

If you have yet to see this terrific talent in action you are missing out so here are a few suggestions that will make you an instant fan. There is “Confessional” for Sweet Sinner, “Baddies 6” for, “Lesbian Psychodramas 37” for Girlfriends Films and one of her latest, “Pure Desire 9” for Erotica X. As you can see, she can do all kinds of sexual encounters, so give them a look.

So far in 2022 this young lady continues to be a busy performer with some exciting new scenes. I see a really big future ahead, along with awards and nominations. She has the look, the presence, talent and makeup to become something very special in the industry. I am very pleased to introduce Gizelle Blanco as my “Girl of the Week’ here on AAN.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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