Love Emergency – Adam & Eve Pictures – Director – Will Ryder – Cast – Riley Steele, Kenzie Reeves, Nia Nacci, Liv Wild, Savannah Sixx, Sarah Vandella, Misty Stone, Astrid Starr, Sunny Lane, Edyn Blair, Lucky Starr, Rachael Cavalli, Bambi Doll, Christy Canyon, Tommy Pistol, Brad Armstrong, Jake Adams, Chad White, Brad Newman, Brad Sterling, Jack Vegas, James Bartholet, Frank Bukkwyd, Ryan Mclane and Deanzy

It won the First Choice Award at our recent awards show. Get ready to have your sides hurt is this fast paced, wild and crazy comedy from Will Ryder. Will is known for his parodies along with original dramas and comedies and has topped himself with this one. Tommy Pistol and Riley Steele head a cast of 24 performers. The story is about a panhandling, college dropout Vinny, who lives in his mom and stepdad’s basement and has no life. He meets a nurse and is taken with her so he applies for a janitor’s job at the hospital hoping to win her over. His idiotic friend (Jake Adams), who is a riot, hacks the computer and now the laughs really begin. The hospital hires him, not as a janitor, but because of the computer mix up, he is hired as an emergency room trauma surgeon. What takes place becomes one laugh after another along with plenty of steamy, off the chain sex.

Right off I have to say there is so much that goes on in this comedy that I could write a 3 page review. So I will just give you some highlights and laughs to get you started. We get to see Vinny (Tommy Pistol) panhandling and trying to make it with the nurse (Riley Steele) but she isn’t interested. At home his mother (Sarah Vandella) likes to take her son‘s side while stepdad (Brad Armstrong) is tired of his ways and wants him to get a job and start paying rent. The byplay and things that go on with Vinny and the folks is funny with some great lines, looks and reactions. Down in the basement Vinny, his friend and step sister (Kenzie Reeves) are always hanging out, plotting and up to no good. He really wants to meet this nurse so he applies for the janitor’s job and thinks everything is okay when he is interviewed by the hospital administrator (James Bartholet). Of course with the computer getting hacked, the hospital thinks they have just hired a top surgeon. Vinnie hasn‘t quite caught on but when the salary is discussed and $300 is agreed on, he almost chokes when he finds out they mean $300 thousand.

Then we get to see him in the emergency room with the team led by Max (Frank Bukwydd) and he fumbles his way through it, and also throws up from seeing all the blood and gore. After he gets home from his first day, of course the folks don’t know what’s really happened and there is a hilarious scene at the kitchen table after stepdad leaves, when Vinny tells mom what he was actually hired for. By now the hospital administrator thinks that he is a con artist and wants to expose him. Now Vinny is on another patient. Misty Stone and this one is pretty funny as he fumbles his way through it. Problem is Misty has a bowel problem and can’t hold it. Pretty soon she lets go and oh boy! I just hope that was chocolate syrup they used. After that crazy scene we see Vinny in the office with the administrator, still with his face a mess. Then his idiot friend shows up to create more problems but Vinny chase him away. Dr. Max sends him to another patient and let’s just say that this time it involves Liv Wild, a vibrator and his crazy friend.  There is so much more that goes on as Vinny keeps up the charade. There is patient Jack Vegas who gets the wrong dose of medication and his “knockout” meeting with the administrator and a fun scene with Misty Stone and Hall of Famer Christy Canyon and more. There is also a lot more sex like a really hot scene with Vinny and nurse Savannah Sixx that smokes. and some very funny twists and turns in this comedy that will keep you laughing. I have to give the cast credit for staying character, especially during the sex scenes because I am sure it was not easy.                         

Once again Ryder’s knack for comedy, characters and being able to have some performers doing roles you wouldn’t think they could, like Brad Armstrong for one, that make this all work. The writing is very clever, funny and filled with a lot of things you might miss and have to go back and watch again. The performances by everyone in the cast are over the top, as it should be in this raucous sex comedy. The six sex scenes that take place offer up plenty of fun, steam and sizzle. If you want funny, clever, adult entertainment then “Love Emergency” is the perfect DVD to get hold of. The outtakes at the end of the film are also a humorous view and I love the dancing skeletons during the credits. Will Ryder has given porn fans another original gem and in addition to the First Choice award from NightMoves, it is sure to nab a lot of nominations and awards from the upcoming AVN and XBIZ awards in January.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN