Welcome back!  After a multi-year absence the Exotica Dancer Gentlemen’s Club Expo returned home to Las Vegas. When Covid struck in 2020 the Expo was postponed then cancelled and in  2021 a makeup Expo was held in Miami. With all due respect, Expo in Miami is not the same as Las Vegas. The 2022 edition was based at Planet Hollywood and ran nonstop for four solid days. Sunday night festivities began with the Final Four of the Exotic Dancer Invitational Pageant held at Deja Vu.  Monday morning there were seminars followed by the Trade Show and the day continued well into the night with a welcome party at Larry Flynn’s Hustler Club. Tuesday morning more seminars, round two of the trade show and the big Award Show. Wednesday afternoon there was a lingerie contest at Spearmint Rhino and a pageant that night at the Hustler Club. Somewhere in the mix everyone has to eat and sleep and even maybe gamble! Yes, people do sleep when in Vegas!


For us, and it has always been this way, the Trade Show is the main event. It gives us the opportunity to see friends and business associates from all the over the USA …many of whom we only get to see once a year. It is a chance to see what is new in the industry. The show had a main room for the exhibitors and a dancer’s hall where feature entertainers were based. At the center of the room was a huge booth from the Worlds Pageants and on the flip side a performance stage. NightMoves Magazine had a booth in the Main Hall and Christopher Blue and I passed out the current issue. At the end of the show, not one copy was left! At the same time we were busy getting photos for this issue. Although it would be great to photograph and cover all aspects of Expo, it would be impossible. To see many more photos go to the NightMoves.xxx website.


We returned home, as always, exhausted and thankful for what seems to be rare these days, an on-time flight. In 2023 Expo is again in Las Vegas, this time to be held at the Paris Hotel and Casino.


By Richard Kent