This is something I think you will find both fascinating and interesting. It is another very prolific, bare bones look at sexuality in another time, another place and another world.

Aside from Hitler running amok over Europe in his attempt to take over the world in the 1930’s that would eventually lead to WW II, there was another dark part of the life in Germany, pornography. While here in the states all people heard or read via radio and newspapers was what this maniacal leader was doing to the people in the European countries and setting his sights on the UK. The American public was assured by FDR that the United States would not get involved but would help out our ally, Great Britain, in other ways. In the meantime there were scores of German people who continued with their dark lives, their love of sex and pornography. While there were pockets of hidden porn here in the states it was nothing compared to what was going on in Duetschland.This is a true representation of sexuality in Germany from 1933 to 1945 where I guess you could say very dark times arouse very dark fantasies!

Private Pornography in the Third Reich investigates what really happened behind closed doors of a nation whose regime broke all moral taboos. A sensational look behind the curtains of an anti-lust period, where sexuality blossomed more in hidden privacy, unless one belonged to the powers that ruled!

Orgies in Obersalzber! –  Excesses in the SA and NSDAP offices!

Porn productions for foreign currencies! – Twilight bars serving the Gestapo!


Diplomats and generals whispering state secrets into silk cushions between the thighs of loyal prostitutes, whilst the Germans say goodbye to lust under the whip of surveillance and repression.

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If you love history, love pornography and the blending of both into one fascinating book, then this is it. The photographs within these pages are in credible and the reading of what really went on is a fascinating part of history few were even aware of. This is one book I can strongly recommend getting hold of.

Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN