The 8th Annual Stripper Olympics was held July 25th at the Award Nominated Michael’s Men’s Club in Broussard, Louisiana. Paul and Tracy Allen were honored to be invited and were asked to judge the near impossible to judge competition. The event drew 13 beautiful contestants who battled it out in three different categories … Floor Show, Pole Tricks and Lap Dance.  The first category was “Lap Dance”. Each contestant showed patrons & judges something that is usually reserved for private entertainment. The girls were more than willing to entice their volunteer participant to look them up later. *wink, wink*

Category 2 was “Floor Show”. Each girl returned to the stage one by one showing off elaborate costumes and all the performances had a unique theme. Then, the “meat” of the competition, the “Pole” Category. This is were the cream rose to the top. The girls performed death defying acts of bravery and strength.

“We’ve judged many competitions in the past and I’ve never seen some of these tricks. What a talented group of ladies. All I can say is WOW!”, remarked Paul Allen.

The event had an overall cash prize of $5,000 and was hosted by last year’s winner Sharzayn who is a feature dancer and absolutely gorgeous! Michael’s is a great club that features a main stage and 3 satellite stages (one even has a hoop and another had a pole). The staff was beautiful and DJ Jeremy Sweigert did a great job all evening long! Below are photos from this amazing event …..

Winner’s ceremony pictures by David Heasley

The Winners of The 8th Annual Stripper Olympics are….


1st  Annie Lane        $500

2nd Hayla                 $100

3rd Bella Time          $50



1st  Annie Lane         $500

2nd Hayla                  $100

3rd Roxy Revolution  $50



1st  Kaysia Bayy        $500

2nd Annie Lane         $100

3rd  Hayla                  $50



1st  Annie Lane          $1,500

2nd Hayla                   $1,000

3rd  Bella Time           $500


Mini Titles:

Best Legs: Roxy Revolution

Best Butt: Annie Lane

Best Boobs: Annie Lane