86 Year-Old Bunny Ranch Contest Winner Chokes To Death On Own Meat In Freak 
Restaurant Mishap: Shocked Nevada Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Calls It “Saddest Day 
In 58-Year Bunny Ranch History”
An elderly but randy grandpa who won a free X-rated trip to the Moonlite Bunny 
Ranch ( legal brothel died only moments before his dream date 
with two busty prostitutes was to begin--when he choked to death on an expensive 
rib eye steak in a local restaurant as horrified diners helplessly looked on.
86 year-old Johnny Orris, a retired farmer from Sullivan, Illinois, had won a 
bizarre “Get My Grandpa Laid” contest on the Howard Stern radio show in New York 
City in October, and was flown along with grandson Ed Moody, 49, to the Carson 
City, Nevada brothel for two days of sexy fun with the Bunny Ranch girls as 
first prize. Orris was given a rousing reception by a group of three dozen 
scantily-clad hookers upon his arrival, but when he stepped out to grab a bite 
to eat just before his carnal encounters were to begin, he met his tragic fate 
at the hands of a juicy slab of tenderloin.
“This is a horrible, horrible tragedy,” said Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, who 
had personally greeted Orris in the Bunny Ranch parlor only hours before. “This 
is without doubt the saddest day in our 58-year history of the Bunny Ranch. Our 
hearts go out to his family and friends.” 
“It was going to be the first time he had sex in many years,” a morose Moody 
said of his late grandfather, and widower of over a decade. “Ever since he won 
the contest he’s been super-excited and upbeat about everything, it was like he 
felt he had a new lease on life. He even said this was going to be the greatest 
day of his life, and then this happens. I am devastated.”
Orris, along with his grandson and a family friend went to the Sage Room 
Steakhouse at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe resort casino in South Lake Tahoe for dinner, 
where the former field-toiler ordered a rib eye steak, exclaiming that he wanted 
to “bulk up” before he had his go at the working girls.  
According to Moody and the friend who shared the final supper with gramps, he 
was just two mouthfuls into the delectable entrée (accompanied by a generous 
serving of oysters and a baked potato—a pricey $250 tab for the trio) when he 
reared up, rasping out, “I can’t breath! I’m choking!”
As Orris struggled for life on the floor of the upscale eatery, Moody, his 
friend, two security guards, two waiters and finally quickly responding 
paramedics all applied CPR and the Heimlich maneuver for more than 45 
minutes—but to no avail. The plucky octogenarian was pronounced dead at about 
8:30pm shortly after being taken by ambulance to local Barton Hospital, 
according to Lt. Pete Van Arnum of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office. The El 
Dorado County Sheriff’s office is expected to conduct an autopsy before 
determining the official cause of death of the fossil-like former-farm boy.
Just before being done in by the freshly slaughtered sirloin, Orris had arranged 
to “party” (brothel parlance for a sexual escapade) with Bunny girls Caressa 
Kisses, and Vanity Affair. Both ladies were anxiously awaiting his return from 
the dining house, when word came of the untimely passing. The pair immediately 
broke down crying and were inconsolable. 
The mood at the Bunny Ranch as well as the other three brothels owned by Hof in 
the immediate vicinity ranged yesterday from somber reflection, to outright 
sobbing over the unexpected loss. Owner Hof has offered to supply counseling to 
any working girl in need.
Moody spoke warmly about his just-deceased grandpa, fondly recalling the elderly 
gentleman’s elaborate sexual fantasies about big-breasted black women. “He was a 
great guy, a great friend, and a great grandfather, I will miss him dearly.”
It was in that spirit of familial kinship that Moody actually returned to the 
Bunny Ranch later that same night, and in honor of the eldster’s death, took his 
grandpa’s place in partying with a Bunny girl. Adding to the solemn symbolism of 
the gesture, Moody made a point of cashing in his grand-dad’s unused—but still 
valid--“free party” coupon in payment for the party with Sophia Jaye, a very 
popular prostitute at the bawdy-house.
“I didn’t party with Caressa or Vanity out of respect for my grandfather. They 
were his favorites, so that wouldn’t have been cool,” opined Moody, “But my 
grandfather would have wanted me to go on and have a good time in his memory, 
especially having come so far, from Illinois and all,” adding, “I think he will 
high-five me in heaven for it when we meet there.”
In accordance with Orris’ previously expressed wishes, he is expected to be 
cremated locally, with his remains returned to his rural midwestern home.   
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