What club will you be at?

It’s never too early to start planning for the most celebrated sports event of the year, Superbowl. At NightMoves, we take Super Sunday very seriously because it is an NFL holiday after all. While some lucky people will watch the game outside in the cold New York air at Metlife Stadium, we plan to watch it in warmth of one of our featured clubs, with plenty of the sexiest entertainers in Tampa Bay heating it up.

Creating the perfect setting is an art Tampa clubs have mastered over the years. Not only do they boast huge HD screens to watch the game but they put a whole new meaning to VIP.  There will be supreme liquors, spirits and plenty of the ultimate food served in classic tailgate fashion. Will it be the AFC or the NFC that comes out the champions, we can’t be sure, but the one thing we can promise is that the only places that do football right are the Gentlemen’s Clubs in the Tampa Bay Area. Who knows maybe you might even run into sexy adult stars or featured entertainers, only one way to find out…

We want your opinion, tell us what you think the best Gentlemen’s Club is to watch the Big Game at.