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Welcome again everyone to my Up Close and Personal series with all of your Favorite stars, where we get an inside look at what they like, what their interests are, how they got into the Adult Business and other juicy personal details that come from being close friends with them as well as some gorgeous pictures of these lovely ladies and all their important social media and web links!

Miles – Well this is actually really fantastic. This Month we have 2 incredible beauties, who are also into working on Cars, and have just appeared in my Modz and Bodz TV show, Madie and Ellie! We had a really great time putting the stereo in and one of the things I wanted to ask you guys each is; what was your favorite part of the installation?

Madie – I think learning all about the process of putting the sound system in, because I also have a Kicker system, which is it’s pretty crazy knowing the difference of both of the different sound systems…

Ellie – Mine was probably jamming out. Yeah I love the music so, yeah.

Miles – I love the music song that when we were talking earlier, you guys had a really funny story about. How are you guys first met….. Tell us about how you guys first met…

Madie – Well, my ex-boyfriend…………. (Laughs)

Ellie – Okay, my ex-boyfriend………… (Laughs)

Madie – Wait………. your ex-boyfriend? (Looking at Ellie laughing)

Both Girls at the same time – Our ex-boyfriend!!! (Laughing)

Ellie – (looking at Maddie) Here, you tell the first part of the story…

Madie – So with me, he kind of just showed me the car scene. He introduced me to the street racing and things like that and showed me more that European side.

Ellie – My experience was I was already kind of already into cars at the time but then I got more into it with him and also the street racing at the time. I was working at a shop and working on cars…

Madie – …which I also worked at… (Laughs)

Ellie- After me and then yeah we decided to meet up one day and here we are. She is one of my best friends now.

Miles – Well let’s see where things are interesting. You guys have a lot of pets right? So tell us about all the pets you have, and how you kind of got into how you like critters.

Madie – So I have three dogs… I have two dogs and actually a dinosaur… I have a Cane Corso, who is just crazy. There’s no other way to explain it, big and loud and crazy and my other one is more like the redheaded stepchild of my family he likes to do his own thing. And Axle, he’s the middle child you think he would be ignored but he doesn’t, turns out that he’s the focus out of everyone and everything… Yeah. (Laughs)

Ellie – And then my pets… I am a crazy cat lady. I have three black cats and a big dog that is like 110 pounds. He’s huge!!! I also have four baby goats and chickens and a rooster and everything under the sun. I have a whole petting zoo at my house! (Laughs)

Miles – So does the rooster wake you up every morning? Does he like go cock-a-doodle-doo?

Madie – (looks at Ellie) Do you get woken up by cock every morning?? (Laughs)
Ellie – No, I’m a heavy sleeper, so I sleep right through it! (laughing)
Miles – What do the goats eat??

Ellie – I don’t know… hay??

Madie – So, how do you have pets and not know what they eat?

Ellie – Because I don’t feed them… (Laughs)

Madie – So are they not really your pets technically..? (Laughs)

Ellie – No, but they are my baby goats. (Laughs)
Miles – when you think back to the very first car that you had what was the very first car that you had and what was the first modification you did on your car?

Madie – Back to the very first car that I had…My first car was a Dodge ram 1500 truck which I had I loved, I didn’t really do anything because when I had it I wasn’t really like into cars that much and I didn’t really know much about them back when I was a high schooler with a truck. It was huge. I had to fill it up every week somehow but one mistake I made was definitely getting rid of that so I didn’t know the value of trucks or anything like that so now I ordered BMW which is my show car that’s definitely very different.

Ellie – My first car that I actually like bought by myself is my 2017 Audi A4 and the first work that I did was change out the spark plugs and then I also changed the oil too. It is my baby and I love it.

Miles – I totally know what you mean, I have friends that all say that once you got rid of your truck you always miss it, they say: “Man I shouldn’t of got rid of my truck and I miss my truck.” One of the funny things people say is if you don’t have a pickup truck, you want to have a really good friend who has a pickup truck. (Laughs)

Madie – Now I have an SUV!! (Laughs)

Miles – well, you can’t exactly put a sheet of wood in your SUV… (Laughs) … Tell us more about how you get big stuff over to your shop.

Madie – It definitely helps having friends with pickup trucks to bring things over, vinyl is pretty long, so I have a 535 XI, so putting a big roll of vinyl into a small sedan wasn’t the best to be sticking out the window or in my seat or out the sunroof somehow. (Giggles)
Ellie – I have a jeep back home and we’re planning on getting a truck soon, so I don’t really have to worry about that.

Madie – Lucky you! (Smiles)

Miles – Now when you think all the way back to when you first started modeling; what was the thing that sort of got you to into the idea of you wanting to do photoshoots and model in front of a camera? Was your first experience modeling difficult, because you didn’t know what to do? Or was it good? Did you feel comfortable? Did you get nice photos and so how do you learn about the in and out of modeling?

Madie – So when I moved to Las Vegas it was just my boyfriend and I and I didn’t know anybody so I went onto Instagram as one does and I just kind looked up #LasVegasCarScene. Anything I could get to get my foot in the door, especially with my wrap business “Rhip Wraps”. We kinda needed customers and cars to work on so we kind of just searched and found groups. I found a group called CarSlutz that’s run by Cody and the photographer Ashley. I did my first shoot with him and I kind of just fell in love with it and they kind of pushed me and pushed me and I’m kind of like on my own, but they’re so my backbone no matter what I do they are supportive and I love it honestly.

Ellie – For me it started probably about two years ago, I was at a car photo shoot and I was just there just to have fun and what not and one of the photographers that was shooting one of the cars, he was like “Are you one of the models?” and I was like No… and he was like “Well, you are now!” and I was like “OK” that’s how I started modeling, it was on and off for a while but now it’s picking up a lot especially in the past six months. It has picked up insane amounts…….

Miles – Are you guys on the inter-webs? What’s your social media because one of the things that is probably obvious, is that after all the folks have seen you guys have such a good time working on cars they are going to want to experience more of you, so where can they see more of you guys on the inter-webs? Like what’s your social media: your Twitter, your Instagram, your Tik-Tok, your YouTube, your website etc…

Madie – I’m usually on Instagram, that’s like my go to no matter what I’m doing no matter what I’m shooting I’m always posting things on there. It is the.madie02. I also have another Instagram which is kind of my business profile which I’m trying to grow as well. It is @rhipwrapslv

Ellie – My Instagram is @elianah.foster and my Instagram is where I post most of my stuff. It is one of my main social media pages.

Miles – So when we talked earlier, you guys said you were into stereos, and one of you has some Kicker products, tell us about each of your stereos in your cars.

Madie – So when I first started modifying my BMW 535XI, my dad‘s a huge sound system guy. When I was little he drove around putting me to sleep with the Bass and the heat coming off if it and everything he actually has a jeep with kicker type Rs in his Jeep, so he helped me put a sound system in my car, I have (2) 12 inch Kicker Comp Rs in my car so it pushes some power on those! (Laughs) It kind of rattles my trunk so I gotta get that fixed. It sounds absolutely amazing in my car.

Ellie – My sound stereo is just stock I mean my car is pretty much stock because I just got it, that being said I do have modifications coming into play hopefully soon…

Madie – Wrap?? (Big smile)

Ellie – Maybe I might wrap my car but I do want to do modifications at some point, I just need the right time.

Miles – Is there anything you want people to know? Any upcoming photo shoots or anything fun you would like to share?

Madie – So, something I really wanna do in my modeling career is be one the cover of Playboy……. I am on the Playboy Website although I don’t post a lot on there but I’m going to start because I really want to be in the Playboy magazine and I’m gonna try my hardest to be on it. My favorite shoot is probably with a Porsche GT4 RS. It’s my favorite shoot ever it’s a beautiful car on bags, has carbon, it’s just beautiful and I can’t really talk about that shoot right now but I definitely will in the future.

Ellie – And for me honestly one of my favorite shoots actually wasn’t with cars, I did it about probably two months ago and we were in kind of a canyon side and the pictures came out absolutely amazing and I absolutely love them they were phenomenal. I think my modeling career goal is to kind of grow at my own pace because modeling is kind of tricky sometimes but also I know I go on a different pace than a lot of other people and I don’t know I want to keep at it but I, I love it.

Miles – Fantastic!! Have you discovered that sometimes the car scene can be a little bit male-dominated and so it’s a little difficult for the girls to kind of fit in or find folks that are more accepting of them coming into the community because actually there’s a lot of girls that are really into cars and that’s one reason why we opened The Subie Society Facebook group. We came from other Facebook groups which we found were completely overrun with trolls, the guys who sit in their moms basement in their Tighty Whiteys running their mouths about stuff they will never be able to have, and I was like “When I want your opinion; I will give you one”… So we decided we should open a Group that was helpful, supportive and inclusive so we didn’t have to be around that, so that’s what we did we opened our car group for all the folks that left those other groups to find a safe community where we could share ideas, post funny Memes, talk about car things, ask legitimate questions, find people who would ship parts from Australia to the UK, Europe to here in the US… And it has sort of blossomed into this whole community and because we have a strict no troll policy there’s a lot of women in the group just like you gals, not just models like yourself but just girls who are into the car scene and they feel like there’s a comfortable place where they can ask questions, where they can post a picture of their car, or things they want to do, or pictures of their pets, or stuff. So, tell us a little bit about your experience and why that’s so appealing to people like you girls.

Ellie – Honestly from personal experience, being in the car scene as a girl, it is a pretty intimidating place to be. I feel like it is a very male dominant place and you kind of just like to get into it one day and even if you are into cars and you like bikes or cars or trucks or whatever it is, going out to the meets, or any of the car events is really scary just because you are a girl and it is very male dominated but honestly, my biggest advice to girls is just go; I mean honestly just go because I promise if you are getting yourself out there even if you don’t want to be a model if you are just one of the spectators and you like working on cars you like cars, if that is your hobby then go just do it.

Madie – Definitely so there’s always like the car girls and there are girls who like cars…… But there’s no difference it’s girls are into cars – I don’t think oh, this guy is a car guy or this guy is into cars there’s a difference there and it’s I think there’s like different expectations for girls like with my car. My car is different. I have three different colors like a huge lightning bolt down the middle some guys like it. Some guys hate they think I do it for attention. I do it because it’s my taste it’s my show car; I’m proud of it I wrapped it, that’s how I like it. It’s definitely weird being a car girl cause you have people who hate you, you have people who like you, there are people who want to see you fail, people who are like “oh you’re only in it for the attention” that’s not why, it is something I enjoy so it’s hard being a car girl especially, being a car model too, you get a lot of “Oh you’re only in it for the attention” as well so anyway you get into it it’s rough at first but it’s definitely a good thing to do it, especially if you don’t listen to the haters anymore it’s just it’s your hobby your lifestyle do what you want…

Ellie – Also another thing is that these people who are hating on you are not paying your bills……. Don’t worry about them because honestly life is too short and I know that’s such a cliché thing to say, but life is too short you need to live your life do you want!

Madie – Even if they are hating on you, they are paying attention because of their hating, so whatever, they’re giving you that attention so don’t bother to listen to what they say.

Ellie – Yeah and they’re giving you the time of day so, really it’s whatever.

Madie – Even if you have a stock car go to the meets model it, put a sticker on it, doesn’t matter if yours is bagged and someone else’s isn’t. Or your car is not fast but it’s bagged and everything else is built. Just because someone else has 1000 HP Supra and you have your 99 Corolla, so what, that’s you; your work and your build, that’s how you like it don’t listen to other people.

Ellie – Well like Madie; she has a show car and it is all modded. It is wrapped and everything and I have been into cars and like the car scene for a while now and my Audi is stock so I mean I plan on modding at some point, but it is stock as of right now so there is two different tastes and I wouldn’t go with that because I have a different personal preference. I love it but it’s not me.

Miles – One thing I always tell girls is when somebody tells you that you can’t do something, don’t ever listen to them, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means they can’t do it. Because it’s so, so true trust me, I’ve had haters throughout my 24 year career and I just laugh at them because for me, Haters are just Motivators. Whenever you say something like that to me, it’s just throwing gasoline on a fire. I just laugh and say “Really? Hold my beer….” So yeah I encourage you girls to go out there and experience it and never look at the haters as a negative it’s always a positive because if you were doing something right they wouldn’t be talking. Thank you guys so much for being on Mods and Bods, we had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to have you guys back and let’s just give a shout out to Kicker from the two you guys for giving us all this great gear we put in today on our Project together!

Madie & Ellie – Thank you Kicker so much for having us. We had so much fun installing your system, and we are very excited to be back on the next episode of Modz & Bodz!!!! Bye Bye and see you soon!

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