Dear Loyal NightMoves® Customers:
This is a very unsettling time for our industry. To say the least I am shocked and flabbergasted regarding the Corona Virus that is changing the way we live, work, play and make a living. NightMoves® has been around for 32 years and during that time we have NEVER missed a deadline or missed printing a magazine. We have overcome hurricanes, tornadoes, deaths, printer fires, family catastrophes and the 9-11 crises. We never missed an issue until now.
We will not be printing an April 2020 edition of NightMoves® Magazine as your businesses will not be open via this 30 day closure notice and you certainly are not thinking of ad content at this time. That said, when you hopefully re-open for business in mid-April everybody will be ready for customers to once again enjoy what you have to offer!
Because of this we have decided to publish an online version of the magazine. As a token of our appreciation, all current advertisers will have an ad at NO CHARGE! These ads will have direct links to your websites and/or social media pages. Since people cannot go out to bars & clubs, they will be home, surfing the internet and we will be able to keep your name in front of them. This online version will include articles, last month party recaps, sports, horoscopes, jokes, XXX Reviews and other features that you find in our monthly print editions.
To say this is a trying time for all of us is a huge understatement. Like many of you, your managers, your entertainers and your employees … all of us here at NightMoves® will not have an income for the next 30 days. We all need to tighten our belts, suck it up and hope this damn virus runs its course during the next 30 days.
Thank you for you continued support and please let us know what you would like your April online ad to say and what website/social media site you want it connected to. Your NightMoves® Representative will be contacting you through normal channels. If you do not hear from your NightMoves® Representative by Monday March 23rd please use the emails or phone numbers below or call our office at 813-814-1505.
The NightMoves® Staff:
Paul Allen –
Tracy Allen
Tommy Peak
Andrew & Lenny
P.O. BOX 492, PALM HARBOR, FL 34682
813-814-1505 – Office