We have been doing our “Reader Appreciation Parties” since May 2018 but last month was the first time we visited 4-Play Gentlemen’s Lounge and it was worth the wait! The club was packed and our “Wheel of Porn” had quite the workout!

Every time a customer purchases a drink, they receive a ticket. They bring that ticket to us and get a chance to spin the wheel. They can win: ink pens, condoms, lube samples, lotto tickets, candy, porn movies or (if they are lucky) their choice of vibrators or lingerie provided by Love Toys & Cupid’s Boutique.  We also give away gift baskets full of goodies every hour to people who pay a cover charge.


We gave away a ton of stuff at 4-Play and the wheel was spinning from 9pm till midnight. Here are photos from the evening!

                                                                By Paul Allen