Meet Mocha Swallows

Meet Mocha Swallows

Belle Glade, Florida has a prestigious reputation for developing top tier NFL talent and sugar cane. It can now add to its resume the hottest new-cummer to the adult entertainment industry. MochaSwallows is her name and male semen is her claim to fame.

 This full-figured, “drop dead” gorgeous, beauty has an insatiable desire to feast on male ejaculate. Here is what Mocha had to say in a recent interview with Daoud Ali-Khan to promote her upcoming Bukkake video-shoot scheduled for Saturday July 24th in Tampa, Florida.

 Interviewer: You seem very confident and sure of yourself, Mocha. Are you really as comfortable in your skin as you seem?

Mocha: “Oh, I’m very comfortable but I wasn’t always like this. I had a boyfriend who was always trying to get me to diet and stuff. It caused a lot of stress for me and our relationship and I suffered because of that. I mean I was a big girl when he met me so what’s up with that? When I quit a diet he left me so yes my self-worth and confidence was like so low at that point. I then met someone who got me to believe that I was beautiful just the way I was but that took time. So I’m in a really good place now.”

Interviewer: Ms. Swallows is eating a man’s cum a fetish for or is it something deeper than that such as masochism. Her response was rather honest, “I don’t believe in labels, hun. So I’ll be the last person to say it’s any of that. All I know is I love the sight of a man’s load coming at me. I love that it smells like a man. I mean every man is different but overall, cum smells earthy, like a man. And of course I can’t forget about the taste. Oh, my God! That’s the best part. Sometimes I can watch a man stroking his cock and have an orgasm before he does. I think it’s just the sight of him stroking his cock and the anticipation knowing that something really amazing and wonderful is going to happen any second now. Oh my God! I’m getting really wet just talking about it. I’m such a whore, right!?”

 Mocha added, “I really enjoy “double penetration” and having all my holes filled at the same time. The problem with “double penetration” is I’m a big girl so the guy under me has to be strong and brave. Whoever is behind me has clear skies. He’s using “instrument flight rules … Ha, ha, ha.”

 The word, Bukkake is of Japanese origin and the literal translation is, “the act of splashing.” It’s also a noodle dish. So, if you fancy yourself a connoisseur of big and beautiful ebony women, join us in saying to MochaSwallows, “Bon Appetite my dear … May the line of cocks in front of you stretch around the block and may your belly always be full”.

For more information or to participate in Mocha’s July 24, 2021 Bukkake contact or call 917-455-2398. The Bukkake will be limited to 50 men so call now and reserve your place!



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