By Moutasem Seyam


Meet one half of porn’s hottest and newest power couple, Lance Hart is married to Charlotte Sartre and beyond being newly married they are both unique performers in the adult business. A match made in heaven if you happen to be aware of their grasp on the ever-evolving industry. Right off the bat Lance Hart hurls advice out to those just starting. One part of his insight was about teaming up with a partner as a business model.

“Don’t partner up. Learn how to do everything on your own and schedule your time to do it.  I know three performer/producers in the whole industry that make more money than me. All four of them use/own everything we do and pay people to help when needed. It’s the old “too many chefs” principle that gets a lot of people here. The Internet changes every day and you have to move quickly to adapt to it. Discussing stuff with a partner is a lot of dead weight.”



Part of this firm grip as a fetish content creator came from humble beginnings. Lance had other jobs before performing in porn. Sticking it out gave way to a fluid career from a male performer that does it all. 

“I had a ton of jobs before I started porn when I was 27, and I sucked at all of them. All my friends told me to do what you love, but I couldn’t think of what that might be. At the same time, I was jerking off to porn every night for at least an hour. It was right in front of me. I got recruited by to do a gay scene, and I did it for the money. I quickly learned that I have a lot of fun having sex with guys (even though I considered myself straight up until then), and I loved everything about the porn process. I signed a contract with them for two years. As soon as I was out of my contract, I bought a crappy camcorder from Walmart and put an ad on Backpage looking for female talent. I made clips for Clips4Sale, and within a few weeks, I was making great money. I’ve never looked back.”

As a male bisexual performer, you’d expect to see Lance Hart faces some stigma or prejudice towards him. It is indeed true but you’d be surprised to hear his answer regarding this.

“Honestly, it’s way worse for my wife than it is for me. The stigma makes me a lot of money. There are very few full-time crossover guys to book if someone needs to shoot a bi, trans or pegging scene, so I have more work offered to me than I have time for. This means that I can also increase my rate by about $100 a year, which I do, so my rate is pretty high for male talent. The real money is in making my porn for my sites and Since I’m good buddies with the other crossover guys, it’s easy to book them for my productions. So, I can’t complain. I have a hard time with agents sometimes, when it comes to booking female talent, but it’s way better now than it used to be.


It does suck that many studios and performers won’t work with my wife, Charlotte Sartre, because she’s with me.”

Even in the face of such unfairness, Lance Hart is reigning in his corner of content creation and beyond. He even gets custom clips requests from paying customers.

“I get these pretty often. It’s hard to pick the craziest one. I’m known as a fetish guy, and there’s a fetish for everything. Gay karate porn, wedgie porn, pies in the face, etc. These days I only do custom clips for over $2500, so I don’t get many buyers, but when I do they are pretty happy about it.”

As an admitted porn fan himself, Lance Hart has a unique taste and shares about it.

“The first time I looked at porn I was young. My friend and I found a bunch of nudie magazines in the woods. It was fascinating, of course. These days I jerk off to women in pantyhose, YouTube leggings try-on hauls, my wife’s work, and girls that I shoot.”


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