Over the years, I have had the opportunity to cover some awesome stars, feature entertainers and events. I met an awesome beautiful, friendly and great person at Dejavu Showgirls December 14-15, 2019. Her name is Ivizia Dakini who is a Portland based entertainer who has been thrilling audiences around the world since 2001. Ivizia has over 13 years of specializing in fire performance and has become a premiere variety entertainer who will ignite your fantasies. In addition to her hotter talent, her repertoire includes roller skating (which she does really well and it blew me away how great she is on stage with skates), cube spinning, comedy and a unique puppetry performance. Ivizia holds the title for Miss Exotic Oregon 2016. Dejavu was packed for this two day event where patrons got to spank fire on Ivizia’s butt. She is friendly and interacts with everyone. Everyone had a great time, If you get the chance to see her show, do it. I know I will be there,


                                                      By Andrew “Drew Rock” Serra

                                                     Photo Credits Lenny Mumbles

                                                      & Andrew “Drew Rock” Serra